Thursday, June 4, 2015

Professional Development Workshops for Educators

The Arkansas History Commission will be conducting a series of professional development workshops for educators throughout June and July.  The workshops will focus on lesson plans developed by the AHC and will also feature information about our website, digital collections, and grants available to educators.
The AHC’s current schedule of workshops will be:
June 8, Arch Ford Co-op, Plumerville 8-12
June 16, Southeast Arkansas Educational Co-op, Monticello, 1-5
June 18, Northwestern Educational Co-op, Farmington, 8:30-3
June 22, Ozarks Unlimited Resource Co-op, Valley Springs, 9-3
June 25, Dawson Educational Co-op, Arkadelphia, 8:30-3
July 6, Northeast Arkansas Educational Co-op, Walnut Ridge, 8:30-3
July 13, South Central Education Co-op, Camden, 8:30-3
July 20, Southwest Educational Co-op, Hope, 8:30-3
July 24, Great Rivers Educational Co-op, Helena, 8:30-3
July 27, Arkansas River Educational Service Co-op, Pine Bluff, 8:30-3
Lesson plans include:
‘The Advance Guard of Civilization’: The Impact of Railroad Development on the History and Economy of Arkansas and the Nation.
Changing Rights in a Time of Turmoil:  A Comparison of the Changing Rights and Racial Tension at the Beginning of Reconstruction with Other Civil Rights Struggles
Symbols of Statehood: A lesson plan on the 1912 Arkansas State flag competition
“Put Into Her Hand this Weapon… ‘tis the Ballot Box”: The Women’s Suffrage Movement in Arkansas and the Life of the Nation
For more information, please contact us at 501-682-6900 or email us at