Friday, September 30, 2016

September 2016 Arkansas State Archives Newsletter

Look inside the September 2016 Issue of the Arkansas Archivist for these and other features:

ASA Presents Seminar on Preservation for Archives Month

Researching the history of a property can help someone learn about their heritage, stimulate the local economy, or perpetuate a community’s identity.  But what types of sources are used to conduct property research?  October is American Archives Month and the Arkansas State Archives’ theme for  Archives Month is using archival  records to research historic  structures and properties.

ASA Announces George Sylvester McCue Collection

George Sylvester McCue was the son of an Irish immigrant who joined the army just before the Spanish American War  in 1898.  After the war, he spent time stationed in the Philippines,  holding the rank of Second Lieutenant.   A decade later,  he was stationed in the American Southwest and
Mexico City during the United States’ search for Pancho Villa.  In 1917, McCue came to Arkansas to train soldiers at Camp Pike.  That year he also became a Mason, posing for a photograph alongside hundreds of fellow Masons on the front steps of Albert Pike  Consistory,  a  building  that  would
within a few short years, be destroyed by fire and replaced with the current Masonic Temple in downtown Little Rock.

Black History Commission News

In a few months we will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  As we get closer to that time, we recognize the loss of so many of our World War II veterans and we recognize the need  to memorialize  those brave men and women who served.  Often it is difficult to find first-hand accounts of African American soldiers who were serving during World War II.  We recently received the final report from a Curtis H. Sykes Memorial  Grant  recipient,  Michelle Hamilton Rhodes, whose project, “A Soldier’s Heart: From the Philippines to Arkansas,”  details the military career of Rhodes’ grandfather, Lewis J. Jackson.  The letters document the life of Jackson, a teacher in Pine Bluff to Nanette White, his girlfriend and soon to be wife.

From the Director

As you know from our lead article, October is American Archives Month.  Did you also know that another day recognizing the importance of records preservation is celebrated in October?  Electronic Records Day is October 10 or “1010” —think bits and bytes.  The commemoration, first held in 2010, is sponsored by the Council of State Archivists for the purpose of raising awareness about the importance of managing electronic files and digital data.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

September 2016 Acquisitions and Accessions

ASA Collections

Poe Family DNA project grant report    
Height Horticulture Society Minutes and Programs, 1955-1982, 0.25 cubic feet
George Sylvester McCue photographs and certificate, 1917-1918, 0.25 cu. ft.
Pulaski County Naturalization record book, 1882-1902, 1 cu. ft.

ASA Books

Boilng Out at the Springs:  A History of Major League Baseball Spring Training at Hot Springs, Arkansas, by Don Duren
Descendants of Philip McIntire, by Robert Harry McIntire

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - John Clendennin Diary, SMC.1.28

John J. Clendennin was born at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in 1813. He settled in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1836, and became the private secretary to Governor James S. Conway. He was elected Circuit Court Judge in 1840, 1844, 1854, 1858, and 1874. Clendennin served as Arkansas Attorney General, 1849 to 1854. In 1866, he was elected Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, but his term was shortened due to the Reconstruction Acts. He died July 4, 1876.

This collection contains a diary of daily activities and an account book of John Clendennin. Clendennin was the private secretary of Governor Conway and as such this diary includes information on Conway’s dealing and movements during his governorship.
  • 1829-1860: Diary and account book

Monday, September 26, 2016

Arkansas Archives Month, 2016

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, Gov. Asa Hutchinson issued a proclamation declaring October to be Arkansas Archives Month, in conjunction with the designation of October as American Archives Month. For the past several decades, American Archives Month has celebrated the importance of archives and the enduring value of American records and archives.

This is the second year in a row that Gov. Hutchinson has designated October to be Arkansas Archives Month. In the proclamation, Gov. Hutchinson declares that "Arkansas Archives Month celebrates the significance of Arkansas's historical records, illuminates the many ways these records enrich our lives, and recognizes those who maintain them. He also encourages his “fellow citizens to discover the abundance of documentary treasures contained in our State’s archival repositories.”

You can read the proclamation in full below:

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Pulaski County medical organizations minutes, MS.000155

As the Civil War drew to a close, physicians in Arkansas decided it was time to organize professionally, and in January, 1866, they formed the first such group, the Little Rock and Pulaski County Medical Society. It had thirteen inaugural members, and for the first six years of its operation was led by six different presidents. One of the early presidents was Philo O. Hooper, who went on to establish Little Rock's College of Physicians and Surgeons in July, 1873, after a dispute arose among members of the county society.

On June 7, 1873, thirteen disgruntled members of the Little Rock and Pulaski County Medical Society officially withdrew from the organization in protest over its admittance of Almon Brooks, whom they felt fell short of the society's professional standards and ethics. They formed the College of Physicians and Surgeons, which continued for six years, resulting in two almost identical, yet competing medical associations in the Pulaski County region.

In 1879, leaders of the two organizations were approached by the president of St. John's College, Leo Baier, who wanted his institution to include a medical department. Hooper, who still headed the College of Physicians and Surgeons, consented to the proposition, as did the competing organization's leaders, James A. Dibrell, Jr., and James H. Southall. The first joint meeting to discuss the venture was held on April 4, 1879.

Unfortunately, St. John's College was already faltering, and more challenges arose in selecting a faculty, so this initial department never materialized. But the union between the previously competitive associations remained firm as they found a new home for their school: the Arkansas Industrial University, now known as the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Washington County. Incorporated in September 1879, this new medical department was an independent part of the university: Hooper selected the faculty, staff, and curriculum, and the university did not financially support the department. Instead, eight physicians invested $5,000 each, which was enough to buy the Sperindio Hotel at 113 West Second Street in Little Rock. These eight doctors became the University of Arkansas Medical Department's chairmen, and that autumn they accepted their inaugural twenty-two students.

In 1911, fueled by a need to improve medical education standards in Arkansas, the university's medical department merged with a competing Little Rock medical school, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, which had been founded in 1906. (This college should not be confused with the original College of Physicians and Surgeons, which was simply an association of physicians.) With the merger came a fundamental change in the department's organization. The university began having a more direct role in educating budding physicians, while the department was able to begin receiving state appropriations.
This collection consists of ledgers recording meetings called to order between 1872 and 1924 by the Little Rock and Pulaski County Medical Society, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the faculty of the University of Arkansas Medical Department.

  • 1873 July 5-1884 March 29: College of Physicians and Surgeons, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • 1872 July 3-1885 November 3: Pulaski County Medical Society
  • 1909 December 13-1924 December 1: Pulaski County Medical Society
  • 1900 July 17-1911 May 16: University of Arkansas Medical Department faculty

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Rosemary Hamel Collection, MS.000708

Genealogical research pertaining to the Allison, Vance, Cole, and Turner families in central Arkansas, gathered by Rosemary Hamel. Includes a 3-ring notebook with family histories, Dr. William Allison's Bible and journal, family correspondence, newspaper clippings, and 53 photographs.

  • Correspondence (Box 1)
  • Notebook: Branches of the Allison, Vance, Cole, Turner Family Tree
  • Newspaper clippings (Box 2)
  • Bible
  • Photographs
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.01: Left side Montine Cole, right side Pauline Cole. Sepia. Arkansas, circa 1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.02: Enoch Harvey Vance, father of Elizabeth 'Behie' Allison. Black and white. Arkansas, circa 1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.03: Elizabeth 'Bettie' Allison with unknown child. Black and white. Arkansas, circa 1900's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.04: Dr. William M. Allison. Black and white. Arkansas, circa 1900's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.05: Allison family reunion. From left to right top row: Marvin 'Mug' Cantrell, Will Allison, Sarah Ruth Allison, Buddy Allison, Ruth Allison, Arch Cole, Pearl Cole, Walter Allison, Hattie Allison Payne, Sarh Allison, Cecil Allison, Bob Allison, Peel Allison, Pauline Cole Ussery, George Ussery, Max Cole. Left to right bottom row: 'child' Allison, Elizabeth Allison, Gus Allison, 'child' Allison, Dr. William M. Allison, Montine Cole Lawrence, Lucille Allison, Gus Allsion , Corine Allison Cox. Black and white. Arkansas, circa 1925-1935.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.06: Arch Eugene Cole, Mary Pearl Cole, and Pauline Cole. Black and white. Quitman, Arkansas, circa 1910.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.07: Arch Eugene Cole. Black and white. Arkansas, circa 1910-1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.08: Pearl Cole holding Joe Paul Daves. Black and white. 1945.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.09: Montine Cole nine months old sitting in a highchair. Black and white post card. Conway, Arkansas, 1911 July 19.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.10: Mary Pearl Allison Cole portrait. Black and white. Circa 1920-1930.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.11: Mary Pearl Allison Cole portrait. Black and white. Circa 1930's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.12: Cole family Reunion and William Allison 94th Birthday dinner. Black and white.Van Buren, Arkansas, 1936 December 23.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.13: Pauline Cole standing outside next to two unknown men. Black and white. Circa 1920's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.14: Unknown group of people sitting on a sandy beach with two buildings in the back ground. Sepia.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.15: Two unknown men driving an four wheel buggy, pulled by a cow. A small unknown girl and a unknown man riding the cow pulling the buggy. Sepia. Circa 1920's -1930's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.16: Elizabeth 'Bettie' Allison and Dr. William M. Allison. Sepia. Date unknown.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.17: William Pollard Jr., age 10 weeks. Speia.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.18: Joe Paul Daves, the son of Joe and Pauline Daves, reading a comic book. Black and white.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.19: Arch Cole, Pauline Cole, and Mary Pearl Cole sitting for a family portrait. Black and white. Circa 1900.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.20: Pauline Cole standing on a wicker chair. Sepia. Circa 1900-1910.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.21: Pauline Cole and Montine Cole . Black and white. Circa 1910's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.22: Mary Pearl Allison Cole portrait. Black and white. Circa 1910's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.23: Arch Eugene Cole portrait. Black and white. Circa 1910-1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.24: Mary Pearl Cole portrait. Black and white. Circa 1910-1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.25: Berry Riley Cole and Elizabeth Cole sitting outside. Sepia.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.26: Arch Eugene Cole standing next to Montine Cole. Black and white. Circa 1910-1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.27: Mary Pearl Allison is the second from the right. Mary is sitting next to two unknown men and an known woman. Black and white. Circa 1910.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.28: Enoch Harvey Vance portrait. Black and white. 1903 January 20.

Friday, September 9, 2016

New Finding Aids from NEARA

We've uploaded a number of new NEARA finding aids to our website. You view the below finding aids on our website at:

Browse Our Collections

MFNE.0173                               Joseph C. Sharp papers
MFNE.0595                               Nonpopulation census schedules
MSNE.0001    AN2014.0003    Dabbs Store records
MSNE.0002                               Arkansas City directories
MSNE.0003    AN2011.0010    Price-Helm/Helms family papers
MSNE.0004    AN2011.0017    Lawrence County tax receipt books
MSNE.0005    AN2011.0018    Crittenden County personal property tax books
MSNE.0006    AN2011.0006    Sharp County records
MSNE.0007    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County Confederate pension records
MSNE.0008    AN2011.0008    Billie Jewel Colbert papers
MSNE.0009    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County mothers pension records
MSNE.0010    AN2011.0001    Sharp County deed and mortgage records
MSNE.0011    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County paupers records
MSNE.0012    AN2011.0012    Missouri records
MSNE.0013    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County marriage records
MSNE.0014    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County birth records
MSNE.0015    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County death records
MSNE.0016    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County naturalization records
MSNE.0017    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County executive pardons
MSNE.0018    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County bonds
MSNE.0019    AN2011.0019    Elbert R. Little papers
MSNE.0020    AN2010.0001    Ben D. Raney records
MSNE.0021    AN2010.0001    Fraternal Home Insurance Company records
MSNE.0022    AN2010.0001    Imboden Creamery and Cold Storage records
MSNE.0023    AN2010.0001    Mount Pleasant Baptist Church records
MSNE.0024    AN2010.0001    Sedgwick Arkansas records
MSNE.0025    AN2012.0002    Jonesboro Civitan Club scrapbooks
MSNE.0026    L2012.0026       Arkansas State Hospital records
MSNE.0027    AN2010.0001    Johnson Undertaking records
MSNE.0028    AN2012.0007    Greene County records
MSNE.0029    AN2012.0008    William R. Lane records
MSNE.0030    AN2012.0009    Cooper Creek Watershed Improvement District records
MSNE.0031    A2010.0057       Whiteside family Bible
MSNE.0033    AN2010.0001    Randolph County records
MSNE.0034    AN2010.0001    Smithville Motor Company records
MSNE.0035    AN2011.0003    Powhatan Historic State Park collection
MSNE.0036    AN2014.0002    Dr. M.B. Owens records
MSNE.0038    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County records
MSNE.0039    AN2011.0003    Methodist Episcopal Church records
MSNE.0041    AN2015.0002    Devoe Elbert Hedrick records
MSNE.0042    AN2011.0003    Raney family papers
MSNE.0043    AN015.0003     Charles A. Stuck papers
MSNE.0044                              Arkansas State University
MSNE.0045    AN2011.0003    Percy Townsend papers
MSNE.0046    AN2015.0006    PHSP Scrapbook
MSNE.0047    AN2011.0003    Bible study card collection
MSNE.0048    AN2011.0003    Goodwin family Bible
MSNE.0049    AN2011.0003    Imogene Sigler family Bible
MSNE.0052    AN2011.0003    Black River Baptist Association minutes
MSNE.0053    AN2010.0001    Jeffie Hibler papers
MSNE.0054    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County probate records
MSNE.0055    AN2010.0001    Daughters of the American Revolution records
MSNE.0056    A2010.0065       Craighead County School Census
MSNE.0057                               Lawrence County School Census
MSNE.0058    AN2011.0003    Godwin family Bible
MSNE.0059    AN2011.0003    W.B. Matthews Bible
MSNE.0060    AN2011.0003    Benn Family Bible
MSNE.0061    AN2014.0004    Mammoth Spring State Park collection
MSNE.0062    AN2011.0003    Sharp County records
MSNE.0063                               Phone books
MSNE.0065    AN2011.0019    Soil Conservation Service
MSNE.0067    AN2010.0001    International Genealogical Index
MSNE.0068    AN2013.0003    Northeast Arkansas Music Clubs records
MSNE.0069    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County inquests
MSNE.0071                               Inventory of the County Archives of Arkansas
MSNE.0076    AN2013.0004    Tom McDonald records
MSNE.0077    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County land records
MSNE.0078                              Warner family papers
MSNE.0079    AN2011.0003    Greeting card collection
MSNE.0080    AN2011.0003    Maxwell family papers
MSNE.0081    AN2010.0001    Pistol Permits
MSNE.0082    AN2010.0001    Tavern Permits
MSNE.0084                               Arkansas United Methodist conference journals

SMCNE.2.0001    AN2010.0001    National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century
SMCNE.2.0002    AN2013.0003    Oscar Fendler Records
SMCNE.2.0003    A2010.0060       Snyder Medical Company collection
SMCNE.2.0004    AN2013.0001    Samuel M. Hufstedler papers
SMCNE.2.0005    AN2014.0001    Perrin family papers
SMCNE.2.0006    AN2011.0007    Dennis O'Brien collection
SMCNE.2.0007    AN2010.0001    Arkansas Land Office records
SMCNE.2.0008    AN2011.0003    Confederate currency
SMCNE.2.0009    AN2011.0003    Robert J. Swindle record
SMCNE.2.0010    AN2014.0005    Black Rock Pearl Company records
SMCNE.2.0014    AN2011.0003    Sons of Temperance certificate
SMCNE.2.0015    AN2014.0006    Clifton family papers

Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Finding Aids on A.S.A. Website

We've uploaded a number of new finding aids from our collections to our website. You view the below finding aids on our website at:…/browse-archival-collections.aspx

ASA Finding Aids

"The History of Pulaski County", by George Basham, from SMC.2.2; Placed in Reynolds, John Hugh papers, MS.000165*
Arrington, Alfred W. poems, MS.000673
Scott Plantation Photograph Collection MS.000703
Hamel, Rosemary collection MS000708
Arkansas Park sand Tourism: Tourism Development records MS000721
Arkansas State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors electrical panel board directory MS000724
Friends of Josephine Pankey grant project MS000725
Shelton, John interview MS000727
Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society Conference event images MS000728
Lee, Phillips and Lawrence County aerial photographs MS000730
Dora Oswald correspondence MS000731
Life and Law in Late 19th Century Arkansas teaching kit MS000732
Cleburne County Digitized Real Estate Tax Ledgers MS.000733
Wiley Family papers MS000734
Mosaic Templars Cultural Center grant project report MS.000735
Welch, Annie Parnell Dougherty papers MS000736
Washington Heritage House grant project report MS000737
A Man and a River: a documentary film MS.000738
Silas H. Hunt Institute report: Black History Commission grant project MS.000739
Memorial Garden Cemetery (Old Mound) grant project MS000740
Alonzo Clayton Family Descendants Reception: Black History Commission grant project MS.000744
Andrews, M.L. papers, SMC.0001.0002 (SMC.1.2)*
Arkansas County sheriff's census, SMC.0001.0003 (SMC.1.3)*
Arkansas Democrat Carriers' Address, SMC.0001.0004 (SMC.1.3a)*
"The History of the Arkansas Gazette", SMC.0001.0005 (SMC.1.5)*
Arkansas Gazette Calendar, SMC.0001.0006 (SMC.1.5a)*
Arkansas Historical Society records, SMC.0001.0007 (SMC.1.6)*
"Architecture", SMC.0001.0008 (SMC.1.8)*
Alexander, Orville letter, SMC.0001.0009 (SMC.1.11)*
Anderson, J.H. letters, SMC.0001.0010 (SMC.1.12)*
Adams and Blocher records, SMC.0001.0011 (SMC.1.13)*
Baring Cross Bridge records, SMC.0001.0012 (SMC.2.1)*
Baxter, Elisha versus Sterling Tucker: Pulaski County circuit court, SMC.0001.0013 (SMC.2.3)*
Fox, Black record, SMC.0001.0016 (SMC.2.7)*
Boudinot, E.C. letter, SMC.0001.0017 (SMC 2.8a)*
State of Arkansas v. William Boyles records, SMC.0001.0018 (SMC.2.9)*
Bradford, George papers, SMC.0001.0019 (SMC.2.9a)*
Brooks-Baxter War telegrams, SMC.0001.0020 (SMC 2.11)*
Brown, George R. collection, SMC.0001.0021 (SMC 2.12)*
Bryant, Jerrus Madison papers, SMC.0001.0022 (SMC 2.13a)*
Buchanan, John papers, SMC.0001.0023 (SMC 2.13b)*
Carpenter, J.T. school report, SMC.0001.0024 (SMC 3.1a)*
Clark County sheriff's census, SMC.0001.0026 (SMC 3.2)*
Chicot County sheriff's census, SMC.0001.0027 (SMC 3.3)*
Clendennin, John diary, SMC.0001.0028 (SMC 3.4)*
Colby, Eli letter, SMC.0002.0001 (SMC 3.5)*
1836 Constitutional Convention vouchers, SMC.0002.0002 (SMC 3.5)*
Conway County sheriff's census, SMC.0002.0003 (SMC 3.7)*
Cordell, Samuel A. papers, SMC.0002.0004 (SMC 3.9)*
Costar, Phil letter, SMC.0002.0005 (SMC 3.9a)*
Cravens, Ben and Fadjo papers, SMC.0002.0006 (SMC 3.10)*
Bradford Family photograph and funeral notice, SMC.0170.0001
Ragsdale, Robert papers, SMC.0170.0002
Wilson, Henry Pulaski County (Ark.) Chancery Court summons SMC.0170.0003
Early Arkansas Doctors Biographical Information, SMC.0170.0004
McCormack, Arthur Thomas letter, SMC.170.0006
Arkansas Advocates for Nursing Home Residents pamphlet, SMC.0170.0007
"Arkansas" by Conservative Loan Company, SMC.0170.0008
Garrison, Charles Willis letter, SMC.0170.0009
Smackover Oil Workers papers, SMC.0170.0010

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Arkansas History Commission Meeting

The Arkansas History Commission will hold a regular, quarterly meeting on Thursday, September 8, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. in the Arkansas State Archives conference room, located on the second floor of the Multi-agency Complex at One Capitol Mall, Little Rock, Arkansas.  This meeting is open to the public.

The Arkansas History Commission is an advisory body to the Arkansas State Archives.  For questions and comments, please contact the Arkansas State Archives at 501-682-6900.

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Kelly Bryant papers, MS.000304

Kelly Bryant was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, in 1909. His parents later moved to Hope, Arkansas, where he was raised. He first ran successfully for the Secretary of State Office in the 1962 election. Bryant served as Arkansas Secretary of State from 1963 until he died in 1975. He served as President of the National Association of Secretaries of State in 1971. Bryant was in the middle of his seventh term and planning a re-election bid in 1976 at the time of his death.

This collection contains correspondence, office memos, press releases, election material, state printing contracts, speeches, newsclippings, and publications and correspondence concerning the National Association of Secretaries of State.

  • 1. National Association of Secretaries of State Convention, 1969 (Box 1)
  • 2. National Association of Secretaries of State Convention, 1970
  • 3. National Association of Secretaries of State trademark panel, 1970
  • 4. National Association of Secretaries of State correspondence, 1971-1972
  • 5. National Association of Secretaries of State convention, 1972
  • 6. National Association of Secretaries of State executive committee meeting, 1972
  • 7. National Association of Secretaries of State correspondence, 1973
  • 8. National Association of Secretaries of State, convention, 1973
  • 9. National Association of Secretaries of State watches, 1973
  • 10. National Association of Secretaries of State correspondence, 1974
  • 11. National Association of Secretaries of State convention, 1974
  • 12. National Association of Secretaries of State executive committee meeting, 1974
  • 13. National Association of Secretaries of State correspondence, 1975
  • 14. National Association of Secretaries of State convention, 1975
  • 15. National Association of Secretaries of State executive committee meeting, 1975
  • 16. National Association of Secretaries of State Liberty Bell, 1975
  • 1. National Association of Secretaries of State newsletters, 1971-1975 (Box 2)
  • 2. National Association of Secretaries of State newsclippings
  • 3. National Association of Secretaries of State general materials, 1970-1975
  • 4. National Association of Secretaries of State general materials, undated
  • 5. National Association of Secretaries of State bicentennial, 1976
  • 6. Secretaries of State correspondence, 1963-1965
  • 7. Index of speeches
  • 8. Speech, Arkansas Girls' State, 1965
  • 9. Speech, Arkansas Constitutional Convention, 1969
  • 10. Speech, Arkansas State Licensed Practical Nurses Association meeting, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1969
  • 11. Speech, Hope Jaycees, 1969
  • 12. Speech, Lake Village Jaycees, 1970
  • 13. Speech, Mablevale, Arkansas Eagle Scout award, 1971
  • 14. Speech, Jacksonville Jaycees, Annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast, 1971
  • 15. Speech, Arnold Air Society, 1972
  • 16. Speech, Assembly of Nurse Anesthetists, Little Rock, 1972
  • 17. Speech, Hempstead County Democratic Central Committee, 1972
  • 18. Speech, Kiwanis Club, Pulaski Heights, Little Rock, 1972
  • 19. Speech, Saline County Young Democrats, 1972
  • 20. Speech, Tri-County Chapter, Order of the Arrow, Pine Bluff, 1972
  • 1. Speech, American Legion, eternal flame, 1973 (Box 3)
  • 2. Speech, Daughters of American Revolution Constitution Day luncheon, 1973
  • 3. Speech, Lafayette County Historical Society, 1973
  • 4. Speech, Little Rock Eagle Scout award, 1973
  • 5. Speech, Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, 1973
  • 6. Speech, Arkansas Association of Registered Land Surveyors, 1974
  • 7. Speech, 4-H Club Youth Conference on Electric Co-ops, 1974
  • 8. Speech, Greenwood flag presentation, 1974
  • 9. Speech, Hope, Arkansas, artist dinner, 1974
  • 10. Speech, Order of the Amaranth, North Little Rock, 1974
  • 11. Speech, Paris, Arkansas Chamber of Commerce, 1974
  • 12. Speech, restoration of Arkansas State Supreme Court room, 1974
  • 13. Speech, Asbell Parent Teacher Association, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1975
  • 14. Speech, Devil's Den, Civilian Conservation Corps reunion, 1975
  • 15. Speech, Winfield Methodist Church, 1975
  • 16. Speech, Belleville High School graduation, Yell County, Arkansas, undated
  • 17. Speech, Sheridan Rotary Club, undated
  • 18. Speech, Williford High School graduation, Sharp County, Arkansas, undated
  • 19. Press releases, 1964-1972
  • 20. Miscellaneous correspondence, undated
  • 1. State printing contracts, 1958 (Box 4)
  • 2. Cemeteries, 1963
  • 3. Arthritis Foundation, 1963
  • 4. Chiropractors, 1963-1964
  • 5. Criminal laws, 1963-1964
  • 6. State printing contracts, 1964-1974
  • 7. Navy trip, 1966
  • 8. Alcoholic Beverage Control, 1967-1969
  • 9. City manager government, 1967-1968
  • 10. Arkansas Farmers' Union, Tony DeChant speech, 1967
  • 11. Governor Orval Faubus farewell remarks, 1967
  • 12. Governor Winthrop Rockefeller, 1967-1970
  • 13. Little Rock Methodist Church, sermon by Robert L. Bearden, 1968
  • 14. Governor Orval Faubus election material, 1968
  • 15. Republican Party information, 1968-1970
  • 16. Arkansas State Capitol plan, 1968-2000
  • 17. Testimony at United States Senate hearing on aging, 1969
  • 18. Arkansas legislature seating arrangements, 1969 and 1971
  • 19. Couchdale, 1969-1975
  • 1. Election year thank-you ads, 1970 (Box 5)
  • 2. Election information, 1970
  • 3. Governor Winthrop Rockefeller speech to Arkansas General Assembly, 1970
  • 4. Bryan Sterns speech, 1970
  • 5. Inaugural activities, 1970 and 1971
  • 6. Arkansas agriculture, 1971
  • 7. Christmas requests, 1971
  • 8. Wilbur Mills speech to Young Democrats, 1971
  • 9. Vernon Whitten newsclippings, 1972
  • 10. Oscar Alagood newsclippings, 1972
  • 11. Proclamation for special session, 1972
  • 12. National Prayer Breakfast, 1973
  • 13. International Fair Day, 1973
  • 14. Secretary of State staff, 1973-1974
  • 15. National Prayer Breakfast, 1974
  • 16. Postcard voter registration, 1974
  • 17. Printing resolution, 1974
  • 18. Arkansas Girls' State, 1974
  • 19. Political party filing fee, 1974
  • 20. Freedom shrine display, 1975
  • 21. Arkansas Sheriffs' Association publication, 1976
  • 22. Hayes McClerkin speech to Arkansas House, undated
  • 23. Logan County historical material, undated
  • 1. Miscellaneous newsclippings, 1963-1975 (Box 6)
  • 2. Miscellaneous newsclipppings, 1963-1975
  • 1. Greeting cards (Box 7)
  • 2. Greeting cards
  • 1. Kelly Bryant appointment book (Box 8)
  • 1. Miscellaneous materials (Box 9)
  • 1. Election memorabilia (Box 10)
  • 1. Miscellaneous oversized materials (Box 11)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Closed for Labor Day

The Arkansas State Archives will be closed Monday, September 5 in observance of Labor Day.