Wednesday, November 25, 2015

October/November 2015 Issue of the Arkansas Archivist

The AHC's latest newsletter is out!

Look inside the October/November 2015 Issue of the Arkansas Archivist for these and other features

The AHC Bids a Fond Farewell to Richard Davies

At the end of November, the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism  (ADPT) will lose its long-time Executive  Director when  Richard  Davies  retires.   For Davies, it has been a long and fruitful tenure.  Davies graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1972 with a
journalism degree.  His writing skills served him well when he became administrative  assistant to Bill Henderson, director of the ADPT.  Parks were already in the  Davies blood line.   His grandfather was the first director of Arkansas State Parks and his father had
worked on Petit Jean State Park. 

Agricultural History Highlighted in New Digital Collection

“Let us view Arkansas of the present.  Let us go out into the ripening orchards, the green fields, the grassy meadows, and, if you will, among the herds and flocks, and see what advanced agriculture and the two-horse plow have brought to one of the greatest farming States in the Union.” So begins a pamphlet published by the Missouri Pacific Iron Mountain titled, “The Homebuilder in Arkansas,” designed to attract farmers to Arkansas. The AHC is lucky to have a wide range of resources for those wanting to study the history of agriculture in the state.

The Augustine ‘Gus’ Fredrich Collection

Augustine Fredrich was a salesman  for  the  Nabisco company  when  he  was  drafted  into  the  army  in  1944.  When Gus left for the war, his wife, Barbara “Bob” Fredrich, was  pregnant.    Since he had a family already,  he was drafted as a non-combatant.  He trained in Mississippi and then went to Europe. He served throughout the remainder of the war,  ending  his  service  in  September  1945 overseeing refugee camps in Augsburg, Germany.  After the war, Gus returned to his family in Little Rock to resume his career as a salesman for Nabisco.

Black History Commission News

The Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society held their 36th National Conference in Richmond, Virginia. The theme for the event was “Virginia,  Where African American Roots Run Deep:  Family History and the National Narrative.” Carla Coleman, Chair of the Black History  Commission of Arkansas, and Tatyana Oyinloye, African American History Program Coordinator, were in attendance at the conference.