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Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Fred J. Herring collection, SMC.9.1

Fred J. Herring (1885-1975) was a civil engineer and worked for many organizations in that capacity, including the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. He was born in Bremen, Indiana, to Nathaniel A. and Lucy E. Wright Herring. He married Marguerite Francis Strangways and had two daughters, Marguerite Francis and Elizabeth. After he relocated to Arkansas, he lived in Pulaski, St. Francis, and Ouachita counties.

Ralph Leland Goodrich was born in 1836 in Owego, New York, to Silas and Mary Ann Goodrich. He was the fifth of seven children. His siblings include J. Augusta, Sarah Ann, James, Rachel, Mary, and Stephen. He attended Hobart Free College, Geneva, New York, where he was involved in the fraternity Theta Delta Chi. After graduation in 1858, he studied law under Nathaniel Davis and Willoughby Babcock, but failed the bar exam in November 1859. Embarrassed, he soon left New York and taught school in South Carolina and Florida before settling in Little Rock, Arkansas.
From September 1861 to March 1862, he served in Company A, 6th Arkansas Infantry, known as the "Capital Guards." He saw little action, and spent most of his time in a Memphis, Tennessee, hospital. After he was medically discharged, he went back to his home in Little Rock, where he was a school teacher. Later, he served as a clerk of the United States Circuit Court and the United States District Court for many years. He was a 32nd Degree Knight Commander of the Court of Honor Mason.
Goodrich married three times. His first marriage was to Serena Jennie Connett (1850-1870) on August 24, 1869. He and Jennie had one daughter, Edith. Shortly after Edith was born, Jennie died on September 14, 1870, and Edith was raised by his mother and sister in New York. His second wife, Isadora "Dora" Beebe (1843-1891) was the daughter of Hiram A. and Mary C. Ellis Beebe of Owego, New York, where Hiram was the senior editor of the Owego Gazette. They married in a lavish wedding on August 17, 1875. They had no children, and she died April 21, 1891. His third wife, Juliette Churchill (1861-1941), was the daughter of former Arkansas Governor Thomas J. Churchill. They married on September 7, 1897, but he died less than a month later on October 6, 1897. Goodrich is buried at Mount Holly Cemetery, Little Rock, Arkansas.

George Boddie (1821-1882), son of Thomas Boddie and Clarrissa Lanier, married Mary Elizabeth Gildersleeve (1824-1900), daughter of John and Martha Jones Gildersleeve of North Carolina. They were the parents of John Rumph, Willis Thomas, George Gildersleeve, Mary Elizabeth, Caroline Frances, and Robert Lee that survived childhood. They made their home in Ouachita County, Arkansas, after moving from Alabama.

Carolina L. Dickson (born in 1825), daughter of Thomas Boddie and Clarrissa Lanier, married Addison C. Love (born in 1812) of North Carolina in 1843. They made their home in Autauga County, Alabama, where they raised their children, Irene, Thomas, Mary, Addison, Fannie, Will, Ada, Wynona, Virginia, Bessie, George, and Crawford.

Clarrissa (Clara) Dickson, born in 1836, was the daughter of Colonel Samuel H.N. Dickson and Clarrissa Lanier Boddie of Alabama, and the half-sister of George Boddie. After her marriage to John Franklin Dunlap (1828-1898), they moved to Ouachita County, Arkansas, where they had three children, Lula, Cora Lee, and John.

Cornelia Dickson (born in 1838), also the daughter of Colonel Samuel H.N. Dickson and Clarrissa Lanier Boddie of Alabama and half-sister of George Boddie, remained unmarried and taught school in Ouachita County, Arkansas.
This collection contains correspondence written by Clarissa "Clara" Dickson Dunlap, Mary Elizabeth Gildersleeve Boddie, and Cornelia Dickson, all of Ouachita County, Arkansas, and correspondence written to Ralph Leland Goodrich. Other materials in the collection include business papers, advertisements, programs, and newsclippings related to Goodrich.

  • Correspondence (Reel MG00204)
    • 1854 January 10: George P. Pringle, Geneva, to Ralph Goodrich
    • 1856 January 17: Elias N. Conway, to Thomas A. Hendricks, Washington, District of Columbia
    • 1860 May 17: Smith, Woodman, and Company, Broadway, New York, to Ralph Goodrich
    • 1861 May 6: A.G. Smith, Van Buren, Arkansas, to Treasurer of State of Arkansas
    • 1861 May 6: Clara Dunlap, Camden, to "Sister"
    • 1861 July 27: Clara Dunlap, Camden, to "Sister"
    • 1861 August 19: Clara Dunlap, Camden, to "Mother"
    • 1861 September 17: Clara Dunlap, Camden, to "Sister"
    • 1861 September 23: Clara Dunlap, Camden, to "Sister" [postscript to 1861 September 17 letter]
    • 1861 September 24: T.B. Love, Camp Faulkner, Iuka Springs, to "Aunt"
    • 1862 June 16: C.L. Love, Tupelo, Mississippi, to "Ma"
    • 1862 June 21: W.D. Lasiter, Camp Jackson, near Tupelo, to Cornelia Dixson, Mulberry, Alabama
    • 1862 June 21: Mary E. Boddie, Ouachita County, Arkansas, to Carrie
    • 1862 September 8: T.B. Love, Knoxville, Tennessee, to "Aunt"
    • 1863 May 22: I.L.A. Bibb, President, Ladies Aid Society, to "Sir"
    • 1864 May 14: Gustav Epstein, Indianapolis, Indiana, to Ralph L. Goodrich, Little Rock, Arkansas
    • 1864 July 24: Clara Dunlap, Camden, to "Sister"
    • 1865 September 9: C.L. Love, Autauga, Alabama, to Mary E. Boddie
    • 1869 September 20: S.C. Thompson and Company, Chicago, to Ralph Goodrich
    • 1869 October 2: Harper, Wilson, and Company, Chicago, to Ralph Goodrich
    • 1870 May 27: G.W. Carleton, New York, to R.L. Goodrich, Little Rock
    • 1871 January 8: Augusta, Manhattan, Kansas, to Ralph L. Goodrich, Little Rock, Arkansas
    • 1872 March 22: C. Hartwig, Little Rock, Arkansas, to R.L. Goodrich
    • 1912 February 15: Henry N. Hyde, Little Rock, Arkansas, to "any Minister of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ"
    • 1933 January 1: Arkansas Engineers Club, Little Rock, Arkansas, to Fred J. Herring, Camden, Arkansas
    • Undated: Clara Dunlap to unknown
    • Undated: Unknown to Dee
    • Undated: Unknown to Libbie [fragment]
  • Business Papers
    • 1827 May 1: Administration notice, estate of William Russel
    • 1829 June 3: Advertisement receipt, Arkansas Gazette to Hardy Keel and James Golsbay Russel
    • 1829 July 1: Administration notice, estate of Elizabeth Keel
    • 1838 December 12: Subscription receipt, Arkansas Gazette to Major E.S. Inge, Jackson, Arkansas
    • 1844 February 1: Bill of sale for "negro man," Greenville H. Cheatham to James M. Coulter
    • 1844 May 16: Land application, William H. Tate
    • 1861 March 20: Sheriff's deed, Ralph Goodrich
    • 1861 April 19: Estimate, timber on John Tenney's levee contract
    • 1863 October: Voucher # 22, P.M. Slaughter to H.K. Reid
    • 1868 October 10: Promissory note, R.L. Goodrich, Little Rock, to James Garibaldi
    • 1868 October 27: Promissory note, L.H. Boyd to James Garibaldi
    • 1868 November 18: Receipt, Solomon Winfrey to James Garibaldi
    • 1868 December 18: Receipt, R.L. Goodrich and L.H. Boyd, to James Garibaldi
    • 1868 December 18: Promissory note, John H. Cassin to S.H. Alexander and Son
    • 1869 April 21: L.H. Boyd, Little Rock, Arkansas, to R.L. Goodrich
    • 1870 December 28: Deed, John R. Hodby to William Serimshier
    • 1874 February 27: Check, Jones, Brown, and Company to Dick Hughes
    • 1916 May 29: Statement, Treadway Electric Company, Little Rock, Arkansas, to M.M. Hankins
    • Undated: Promissory note, R.L. Goodrich to James Garibaldi
  • Programs and advertisements
    • 1838 March 23: Hobart Free College, Report of Standing, Ralph L. Goodrich
    • 1854 January 5: Notice of withdrawal
    • 1855 July 19: Hobart College, Geneva, New York, commencement program
    • 1857 December 22: Annual Sophomore Prize Exhibition, Hobart College, Linden Hall program
    • 1858 March 23: Hobart College, Junior Exhibition, Linden Hall program
    • 1858 December 1: Receipts, The Tremont Excelsior Association
    • 1859 December 14: Notice, American School Institute, Smith, Woodman, and Company
    • 1860 May 26: Circular letter, Hobart College, Geneva, New York
    • 1860 July 30: Teacher position listings, American School Institute, New York
    • 1860 August 7: Teacher position listings, American School Institute, New York
    • 1868 January 20: The Craig Microscope, testimonials
    • Circa 1868: "Something for the Holidays! And For Every Day in the Year"
    • 1868: Southern University Series of School and College, textbooks flyer
    • 1869: A Catalogue of Books issued by Carleton, New York
    • 1869: Great Prize Distribution by the Metropolitan Gift Company, Harper, Wilson and Company, New York
    • 1871 January 5: Notice of meeting, Little Rock Mercantile Library Association, Little Rock, Arkansas
    • 1872: Fisk, Clark and Flagg's Specialties for Gentlemen, Thomas Lafferty, P. Raleigh
    • 1872: Fisk, Clark and Flagg, New York
    • 1875 February 19: Entertainment to be given by the Alpha Beta Society of the Kansas State Agricultural College
    • 1875 April 17: Notice of shipment, Southern Express Company, Raleigh, North Carolina, to Ralph L. Goodrich, Little Rock, Arkansas
    • Undated: Circular, Metropolitan Gift Company to R.L. Goodrich
    • Undated: Agent's Premium Check for Free Club, S.C. Thompson and Company, Boston, Massachusetts
    • Undated: Advertisement, S.C. Thompson and Company, Boston, Massachusetts
    • Undated: Circular, Tremont Excelsior Association, Tremont, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
    • Undated: Works on Phrenology and Physiognomy, S.R. Wells, New York
  • Newsclippings
    • 1862 January 22: Editorial letter, T.L. Faulkner, Camp Moore, Columbus, Kentucky, to "a friend at Mulberry, Arkansas"
    • 1873: Picture and Sketch of Lincoln's Inaugural address, Harper's Bazaar
    • Undated: "Travelers' Guide Recalls Quaint Life of Arkansas at Outbreak of Civil War"
    • Undated: "Photograph of Lincoln," Sut Lovegood
    • Undated: "Good for Arkansas"
    • Undated: "The Dirge of Winfield Scott," H.C. Cook
  • Miscellaneous
    • 1840 October 5: Cartoon, "A Left Tenant, (But not of the Army or Navy) Making an able retreat!"
    • 1843 May 8: Circular to Registers and Receivers of the United States Land Offices
    • 1864 November: Unidentified photograph, Keenan's Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Undated: Calling card, Mrs. Stephen Bush
    • Undated: Calling card, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Dayton, Ralph L. Goodrich, and Ralph Girdnel
    • Undated: Calling card, Eliza M. Furnham, Owega, New York
    • Undated: Envelope, Western Union Telegraph
    • Undated: Valentine, Lewis Webb to Elizbaeth Ann Hollis