Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 2016 Acquisitions and Accessions

ASA Books

Ozark Old-Time Fiddling, by Judy Mae Warner
From Across the Spanish Empire: Spanish Soldiers Who Helped Win the American Revolutionary War, 1776-1783 Arizona, California, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas Military Rosters, by LeRoy Martinez
White Pennsylvania Runaways, 1720-1749, By Joseph Lee Boyle
Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, by Charles Reagan Wilson and William Farris
Arkansas Statutes, 1947
Arkansas Digest, 1920 - 1928
Arkansas Digest, 1920 – 1937
Arkansas Digest, 1920 – 1938
Acts of Arkansas, 1949
American Heritage, 18 Vols.
A Meteor Shining Brightly: Essays on Major General Patrick R. Cleburne, by Mauriel Phillips Joslyn
The Spanish Frontier in North America, by David J. Weber
Cathy Williams:  From Slave to Female Buffalo Soldier, by Phillip Thomas Tucker
Arkansas Appellate Advocacy Handbook, 1980, by the Arkansas Judicial Department
The American Heritage History of the Indian Wars, by Robert M. Utley and Wilcomb E. Washburn
Ozark Elders, by Leslie Parr Sutton (2 Copies)
Conservation of Historic Buildings, by Bernard M. Feilden
Old Hickory’s War: Andrew Jackson and the Quest for Empire, David S. and Jeanne T. Heidler
America’s Reconstruction:  People and Politics after the Civil War, by Eric Foner and Olivia Mahoney
Bessie Moore: A Biography, by George and Mildred Fersh
American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson, by Joseph J. Ellis
Two Great Rebel Armies:  An Essay in Confederate Military History, by Richard M. McMurry
Filibusters and Expansionist:  Jeffersonian Manifest Destiny, 1800-1821, by Frank Lawrence Owsley, Jr. and Gene A. Smith
Autumn of Glory:  The Army of Tennessee, 1862-1865, by Thomas Lawrence Connelly
Army of the Heartland:  The Army of Tennessee, 1861-1862, by Thomas Lawrence Connelly
National Drawing Invitational: Arkansas Arts Center, 2004
National Drawing Invitational: Arkansas Arts Center, 1992
National Drawing Invitational: Arkansas Arts Center, 1990
Will Barnet Drawings, 1930-1990: Arkansas Arts Center
Hans Burkhardt Drawings, 1932 – 1989: Arkansas Arts Center
Jacob Lawrence Drawings, 1945 to 1996: Arkansas Arts Center
The Face: Arkansas Arts Center
About Face: Arkansas Arts Center

What They Fought For, 1861 – 1865, by James M. McPherson
Early History of the Creek Indians and Their Neighbors, by John R. Swanton
Arkansas, 1800 – 1860:  Remote and Restless, by S. Charles Bolton
Behind the Lines in the Southern Confederacy, by Charles W. Ramsdell
The Cherokees and Their Chiefs:  In the Wake of Empire, by Stanley W. Hoig
Confederate Symbols in the Contemuthporary So, by J. Michael Martinez, William D. Richardson, and Ron McNinch-Su
Memoirs of My Life, by Pierre Clement de Laussat
Slavery and the American West:  The Eclipse of Manifest Destiny and the Coming of the Civil War,
by Michael A. Morrison
Choctaw Genesis, 1500 – 1700, by Patricia Galloway


Historical and Biographical Sketches of the Early Settlement of the Valley of White River Together With a History of Izard County, edited by Dale Hanks (copy donated by Powhatan Historic State Park)

SARA Periodicals

Blade Magazine, March 2016
Blade Magazine, July 2016
Blade Magazine, August 2016
Blade Magazine, September 2016
Blade Magazine, October 2016
American Bladesmith, Spring 2016, Issue 46
Knife Magazine, November 2016
Knife Magazine, June 2016

ASA Accessions

L.C. and Daisy Bates Museum Foundation grant report, 1 cu. ft.

Jessie Louisa McCain cabinet card, n.d., I item

Ralph Bunche Neighbor Association grant report and supplementary materials, 0.1 cu. ft

African American Arts in Arkansas (DVD), 3 items

Postcards and photograph deaccessioned from Florida State Archives, 4 items

William Eustace Beaumont papers, 0.25 cu. ft

Arkansas Railroad Club records, 12 cu. ft.

Department of Arkansas Heritage records: Ghost Signs of Arkansas, 1 cu. ft

Department of Arkansas Heritage: Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission records, 1 cu. ft.

Department of Arkansas Heritage: Arkansas Historic Preservation Program records, 14 cu. ft.

Department of Arkansas Heritage: Arkansas Historic Preservation Program records, 328 items

Department of Arkansas Heritage: Arkansas Historic Preservation Program records, 20 cu. ft.

Department of Arkansas Heritage: Main Street Arkansas records, 14 cu. ft.

Department of Arkansas Heritage: Arkansas Historic Preservation Program records, 2 cu. ft.

Arkansas National Guard records, 47 cu. ft.


Photographs of the Opposition school and Lawrence County Institute/Sloan Hendrix Academy, 5 images