Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Internal Improvement Fund records, SMC.9.10

On December 30, 1848, the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas passed a law entitled "An act to distribute the proceeds of the 500,000 acres of land donated to the State of Arkansas for Internal Improvements." This act also established a board of Internal Improvement Commissioners consisting of elected officials from different counties across the state.

This collection contains receipts and certificates of commissions for members of the Internal Improvement Fund.

  • Receipts (Reel MG00204)
    • 1850 October 31: William F. Pope, Little Rock, Arkansas, to Auditor of the State of Arkansas
    • 1850 November 4: Thomas Sharpe, to Auditor of the State of Arkansas
    • 1850 December 31: L.I. Reardon, to Auditor of the State of Arkansas
  • Certification of Commissioners of Internal Improvement
    • 1850 September 23: John Madden, James J. Barnes, Isaac Hunter, Theodore H. Goodloe, and Samuel B. Joslin, Van Buren County
    • 1850 October 16: Alexander McIlroy, John M. Mitchell, Minetor Carter, W.G. Bohhanning, and J.S. Anderson, Greene County
    • 1850 October 19: Edward H. Featherson, Johnson McDaniel, Allen Trousdale, George Minton, and Terry Thomas, Polk County
    • 1850 October 22: William M. Payne, John Sanders, John Titsworth, William M. Berry, and Robert C. Young, Madison County
    • 1850 December 6: George W. Patrick, Marvin B. Street, Anthony Smith, William B. Harp, and William B. May, Johnson County
    • 1853 September 5: Edward M. Harris, Dallas County
  • Miscellaneous
    • 1857 September: Internal Improvement Fund receipt [fragment]