Friday, October 27, 2017

October 2017 Acquisitions and Accessions

ASA Accessions

Murphy Family Genealogy (et al.), 18 vols.
Alex Foundation Final Grant Report, .10 cu ft.
Edward W. Holland Papers, 4 cu ft.
G.A.A. Deane Letterbook, .25 cu ft. 
William Richard Bullard Buttons, .1 cu ft.
Staggs Civil War Collection, .5 cu ft.
Curtis Lee Sulcer Papers, 3 cu ft.
Arkansas Burger Company Collection
Fiction Writers of Central Arkansas Minutes and Papers, 2002-2016, 1 cu ft. 
Edgar Lamar Douglas Letter, 1933
Forty-Sixth Regiment of the United States Colored Infantry, Company D Muster Roll, 1865, .2 cu ft. 
Troubadour Hendrix College Yearbooks, 1937-1940, 4 yearbooks

Loaned for Microfilming

Hot Spring County Records, 60 ledgers 

SARA Accessions

Columbus Baptist Church Records

NEARA Accessions

Bold Springs Missionary Baptist Church Records, 1.15 cu Ft

ASA Books

University of Arkansas School of Medicine, The Caduceus 1953 yearbook
Colonial Chesapeake Families (2 volumes)
“Greater” DVD, Catholic Register of Arkansas, 1764 – 1858
Tattered Glory by Nancy Dane, American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776 – 1976
History of Women’s Missionary Council of CME Church, 1918 – 2009
Arkansas Genealogical Society Newsletters and Quarterlies