Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - John Buchanan notebooks, SMC.36.4

John Buchanan, minister in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, was a leader of the Presbyterian church in Arkansas for over 40 years. His family moved to Arkansas from Tennessee and were some of the first settlers of Washington County. He served as a circuit minister at White Church in Cane Hill, Fayetteville Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and other churches in the area. He also served as a Bible agent for the regional circuit. John and his wife Ellen had seven children. In 1835, Buchanan was a founder of the Cane Hill School, formed to prepare men for the ministry.
These notebooks contain records of Buchanan's circuit travels in northwest Arkansas, personal diary entries, accounts of Bible distribution, journal of preaching dates and topics, contributions to the Arkansas presbytery by parishioners, and other items relating to his ministry.

·         Circuit memoirs, 1835-1870 (Reel MG00220)
·         Circuit memoirs, 1847-1860 (Reel MG00220)