Friday, March 23, 2018

ASA welcomes new director

The Arkansas State Archives is proud to announce that former director, Dr. Wendy Richter, will be returning to the ASA to resume her duties as director.  Dr. Richter holds an MA in public history from the University of Arkansas Little Rock and an MA and PhD in heritage studies from the Arkansas State University.

She served as director from 2005 to 2012 where she instituted numerous changes in an effort to modernize the archives.  Among the changes were the addition of new patron computers and an expansion of the archival space.  Most significant for her time was the addition of two branch archives, one in Historic Washington State Park (the Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives) and another in Powhatan State Park (the Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives).  Since 2012, she has been serving as archivist at Ouachita Baptist University.

We look forward to the new ideas that she will be bringing with her when she begins her work on May 14.  We are glad to welcome Dr. Richter home and look forward to a productive time at the ASA!