Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wednesday Wonderful Collection - Pinnacle Mountain State Park slides and photograph collection, MS.000823

Pinnacle Mountain State Park, located in Pulaski County, Arkansas, was commissioned by the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce and Arkansas State Parks in 1971-1972 and was approved by the Arkansas General Assembly in 1973. In 1977, 2,356 acres were designated as Pinnacle Mountain State Park, forming Arkansas’s first state park to be adjacent to a major city. Pinnacle Mountain’s elevation reaches over 1,000 feet above the Arkansas River Valley and is over 750 feet from the floodplain. Pinnacle Mountain is the second highest natural point in Pulaski County, Arkansas following Shinall Mountain. Park visitors can climb the mountain’s peak, a common attraction, and activity for visitors since the 1800s, via hiking trails. Pinnacle Mountain State Park also offers visitors picnic areas, pavilions, and a visitor’s center that overlooks the Arkansas River.
This collection is comprised of approximately 5,400 slides depicting Pinnacle Mountain, its wildlife, natural environment, as well as state park workers performing presentations, maintenance, and hiking tours. Also included are papers corresponding to slide groups, a number of photographs, and accompanying negative 35mm strips.
·         Categories 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 (Box 1)
·         Categories 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 (Box 2)
·         Categories 23, 24, and 25 (Box 3)
·         Category 41 (Box 4)
·         Categories 36, 41, and 42 (Box 5)
·         Categories 2 – 52 (Box 6)
·         Categories 2 – 50 (Box 7)
·         A Day for the Park 1983 September 24; Hunter Education 1980; Maintenance (Residential) 1984; Project Instream 1980; Park Construction 1975 – 76; Unlabeled (Box 8)
·         Pinnacle Mountain YACC and unlabeled (Box 11)
·         Unlabeled (Box 9)
·         Photographs, negatives, slide file system categories key, and accompanying information for slides
o    Photographs and accompanying negatives (Box 10)
o    Slide File System Categories Key (Box 10)
o    Educational Images Representative Aquatic Insects Slides #452 (Box 10)
o    50th Anniversary Presentation Script (Box 10)
o    Hunter Education slides information, Hubbard Scientific slides information, miscellaneous notes (Box 10)
o    Pinnacle Mountain YACC slides information (Box 10)
o    Pinnacle Mountain State Park brochures (Box 10)