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Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - Agnes McDaniel Loewer papers, MS.000147

Agnes McDaniel was born in Searcy, Arkansas, on June 26, 1893. She married Charles F.W. Loewer in Little Rock on August 27, 1919. The Loewers had one son, Charles McDaniel Loewer, who died in 1923. Agnes McDaniel started as an assistant bookkeeper and cashier of the Underwood Typewriter Company before being promoted to manager of the supply and employment department. In 1914, she was appointed assistant secretary to the Mayor of Little Rock, becoming the first office secretary of the Little Rock Young Women's Christian Association the following year.
Agnes McDaniel Loewer was a leader in numerous professional, civic, and social organizations. She served as the president of the Y.W.C.A., superintendent of the women's division of the Arkansas State Fair, secretary-treasurer of the Southern Heritage Foundation, charter member of the Little Rock Women's City Club, the Arkansas Historical Association, and the Arkansas Beautiful Commission. She was also a member of the Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs, Little Rock Federation of Women's Clubs, Arkansas Pioneer Association, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs, Confederate Civil War Centennial and Arkansas Territorial Sesquicentennial committees, Arkansas State Pioneers, and the United States Spanish War Veterans Auxiliary.
Through the efforts of Mrs. Loewer and other concerned citizens, the State Legislature established the Arkansas Commemorative Commission in 1947, responsible for the renovation, management, and operation of the Old State House at 300 West Markham in Little Rock, Arkansas's first capitol building. Agnes served as the committee's Executive Secretary and Director from 1947 until she retired in 1972. Agnes McDaniel died on September 18, 1975, and Charles F.W. Loewer died February 20, 1976. They are buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Little Rock.
This collection contains correspondence, professional materials, cards, notes, music, and scrapbooks kept by Agnes Loewer.
·         Personal
o    Correspondence
§  1. 1918-1921: Charles Loewer to Agnes McDaniel Loewer (Box 1)
§  2. 1927-1934: Charles Loewer to Agnes McDaniel Loewer
§  3. 1936 April-May: Charles Loewer to Agnes McDaniel Loewer
§  4. 1937 March-May: Charles Loewer to Agnes McDaniel Loewer
§  5. 1937 June-August: Charles Loewer to Agnes McDaniel Loewer
§  6. 1937 September-November: Charles Loewer to Agnes McDaniel Loewer
§  7. 1938 January-April: Charles Loewer to Agnes McDaniel Loewer
§  8. Undated: Charles Loewer to Agnes McDaniel Loewer
§  9. 1918-1934: Others to Agnes McDaniel Loewer
o    Other
§  10. 1916-1917: Notebook, miscellaneous notes (Box 2)
§  11. Biographical material
§  12. 1923: Charles McDaniel Loewer, birth announcements, correspondence
§  13. 1923: Sympathy cards and notes, following death of son
§  14. 1923: Sympathy cards and notes, following death of son
§  15. Undated: W.G. McDaniel (Agnes McDaniel Loewer's father), obituaries, funeral papers
§  16. Undated: Genealogy/family history
§  17. Undated: Financial records
§  18. Undated: Retirement, correspondence
§  19. 1923-1974: Guestbook (Box 3)
§  20. 1937 June 20-30: Vacation scrapbook
§  21. Undated: Poetry scrapbook
§  22. Music (Box 4)
§  23. Music
§  24. Miscellaneous cards
§  25. Miscellaneous
§  26. Audio recording on paper disc, Charles and Agnes Loewer
·         Arkansas Commemorative Commission
o    Civil War Centennial Commission
§  27. Civil War Centennial Commission, schedule of events, brochures, timelines
§  28. Civil War Centennial Commission, newsclippings, news release, brochure, and lists
§  29. 1961 May 6, September 12-13: Centennial dinner and medallion ball, correspondence, programs
§  30. Re-enactment of secession convention, correspondence, newsclippings, pamphlets (Box 5)
§  31. Re-enactment of secession convention, correspondence, newsclippings, pamphlets
§  32. Statewide activities, schedule of events, concert programs
§  33. Out-of-state activities, invitations, correspondence, newsclippings
o    Other
§  34. 1958: Butterfield Overland Mail Centennial, newsclippings
§  35. 1963: Washington commemoration, newsclippings, correspondence
§  36. Flag gallery/Civil War flags, program, poetry, project outline, pamphlet, Dixie date book
§  37. Arkansas landmarks/historical survey, correspondence, newsclippings
§  38. Gowns of Arkansas's first ladies, newsclippings, correspondence
§  39. Governor and Mrs. Orval Faubus, Christmas cards
§  40. Christmas cards/stationery
§  41. Miscellaneous correspondence, newsclippings (Box 6)
§  42. Subject file: Civil War, correspondence, timeline, map, newsclippings
§  43. Subject file: Currency, newsclippings
§  44. Subject file: Flags, newsclippings
§  45. Subject file: Pea Ridge, newspaper, booklet
§  46. Subject file: Pea Ridge, newspaper
§  47. Subject file: Prairie Grove, newspaper, correspondence
§  48. Subject file: State capitols, newspaper
§  49. Subject file: Women of the Confederacy, newsclippings, speech notecards
§  50. Subject file: Miscellaneous historical, newspaper, maps, timeline
§  51. "Troop Movements at the Battle of Cold Harbor," maps (Folder 1)
·         Professional, civic, and social activities
o    52. Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs, correspondence, members list (Box 7)
o    53. Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs, newsclippings, correspondence
o    54. Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs, newsclippings
o    55. Arkansas State Fair, newsclippings
o    56. Better Homes Committee, pamphlets
o    57. Business and Professional Women's Club, pamphlets
o    58. Camp and Hospital Council, correspondence, newsclippings
o    59. Chamber of Commerce, Cultural Affairs Committee, correspondence, reports
o    60. City Beautiful Commission, pamphlets, correspondence
o    61. City Federation of Women's Clubs, booklet, correspondence
o    62. Confederate Home, correspondence, newsclippings
o    63. 1928: Confederate Veterans Reunion, newsclippings, pamphlets
o    64. 1949: Confederate Veterans Reunion, newsclippings
o    65. 1938: Cooperative Camp scrapbook (Box 8)
o    66. 1936-1938: Council of Social Agencies, Housing Committee, correspondence, newsclippings
o    67. Garden Club, correspondence
o    68. Lighthouse for the Blind, correspondence
o    69. Southern Social Register, invitation
o    70. 1933-1936: Tour de Books Club scrapbook
o    71. Underwood Typewriter Company, ad with photo, business cards
o    72. United Daughters of the Confederacy, report, newsclippings, correspondence
o    73. Young Women's Christian Association, correspondence, newsclippings

o    74. Miscellaneous