Thursday, May 30, 2019

New Accessions include Hospital Scrapbook, 1900s Photos

 Bracy Drug Store in Little Rock, early 1900s

We are pleased to showcase our new collections! This month’s accessions include photos from the early 1900s photos, a hospital scrapbook and Arkansas maps.  
 Archival Collections
·         Arkansas Baptist Hospital Public Relations Scrapbook: The State Archives received a donation of a scrapbook dated July 1, 1954 to June 30, 1955 and created by public relations staff for the hospital. The woman who dated the scrapbook found it in a vacant house she was cleaning.

·         Charles Engelberger Collection: This collection includes various books, pamphlets and maps about Arkansas, including a First National Bank pamphlet, "A Historical Look at Little Rock;" a 15th year reunion booklet for Mount St. Mary's Academy; a 1939 Mount St. Mary’s Academy magazine, "The Mercian;" the 1963 American Legion 23rd annual Boy's State booklet, "A New Benedictine Settlement in Arkansas;” an Arkansas highway map; a Phillips 66 Arkansas map; information on an Arkansas semi-centennial oil celebration El Dorado, Arkansas; a Rock Island Railroad Employees' Reunion booklet from 2019; a book titled “Moments of Mount Magazine;” a book titled “Rabbit in a Rail Pile;” and a book titled “With This We Challenge...An Epitome of Arkansas.”

·         Lotta Kavanaugh and Julia Ann Gillette Snodgrass Photograph Collection: Eight photographs, most showing Mr. or Mrs. Snodgrass, were donated to the State Archives. Two of the photographs are of the Snodgrass Bracy Drug Store in Little Rock. The donor is not related to the family. The origin of the photos is unknown. Donated photos are: the Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs, 1905; the Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs, 1910; Arkansas State Pharmacists Association, 1903; Eureka Springs, early 1900s; two photographs of Mr. or Mrs. Snodgrass at Bracy Drug Store in Little Rock; Elks Club, early 1900s; and a photograph with AA FP, Little Rock, AR, 1904” written on it. The AA FP photo may be of the bandstand at Forest Park in the Heights in Little Rock.  

State Records Transferred

·         Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism: Executive Director’s Office Records – The records, which are dated from 1969 to 2011, are part of an ongoing transfers to State Archives.
·         Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission Records: The records are public hearing minutes for 2018 and are part of ongoing record transfers.

Printed Material

·         “Tales of Bearhouse Creek and Other Stories” by Lavana Jones Kindle, 2018
·         “Hot Spring County Directory,” 2018
·          “Ouachita School District No. 1 Student Handbook,” 2014-2015

Arkansas State Pharmacists Association, 1903

Little Rock, Arkansas, 1904