Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - Wilhelm Berg papers, MS.000054

Wilhelm Berg was a wagon manufacturer. According to the 1900 census, he was born in August 1851 in Germany. He immigrated to the United States in 1881. His wife, Maggie, was born in 1852 and immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1854. Berg appears to have died around 1929 or 1930.
This collection consists of the papers, books, periodicals, catalogs, et cetera, of Wilhelm Berg of Little Rock, Arkansas.
·         I. Correspondence
o    A. 1908 February 11: Anton Horstmann, proprietor of Monrovia Bottling Works, Monrovia, California, to [Wilhelm Berg]
o    B. 1908 September 6: [?] to [Wilhelm Berg]
·         II. Financial papers
o    A. 1893 January 25: Invoice, J.W. Mast, Heavey Hardware, 218 East Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas
o    B. 1894 May 4: Envelope, Eureka Carriage and Harness Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, to Wilhelm Berg, Little Rock, Arkansas
o    C. 1894 May 30: Invoice, Lanz and Berg, Wagon and Carriage Manufacturers, 213 West Tenth Street, Little Rock, Arkansas
·         III. Miscellaneous
o    A. 1879 May 14: Miscellaneous document
o    B. 1907 January 26: Broadside, "Wipperfurther Volksblatt..."
o    C. Undated: Card, "Mitglieds-Karte des Deutfchen Krieger u. Landwehr=Dersins..."
o    D. Undated: Pamphlet, "Constitution, Rebengengesetze und Regeln..."
·         IV. Periodicals
o    A. Uerztlicher Rathgeber
§  1. 1885 July 28
§  2. 1885 August 11
§  3. 1885 August 25
§  4. 1886 January 20
o    B. 1887 April: Brown’s Machine Journal-A Paper Devoted to the Interests of Machine Men Everywhere; St. Louis. Vol. IX, No.2.
·         V. Catalogs
o    A. Undated: Beck and Corbitt Iron Company, St. Louis (R.P. Studley and Company, St. Louis, Missouri)
o    B. Undated: E. Nason and Company, 111 Nassau Street, New York
·         VI. Books
o    A. Financial
§  1. 1888 December 3-1892 May 3: Record of Sales. "Blotter" 1888-1892
§  2. 1889-1890: Account book 1889-1890
§  3. 1889: Account book 1889
o    B. Other
§  1893: Harrell, John M., The Brooks and Baxter War: A History or the Reconstruction Period in Arkansas (Slawson Printing Company, St. Louis; 1893). Autographed by author.
§  Undated: Three German (devotional) books
§  Undated: Series of lessons in French for German speaking people