Tuesday, November 26, 2019

New Accessions in November

"All about Arkansas" cards, undated,
Arkansas State Archives
Our new accessions in November included “All about Arkansas” parks and tourism cards, historical books, family records and more! Your Arkansas State Archives houses more than 21,000 books, over 10,000 artifacts and millions of historical documents and photographs. Visit us to find historical Arkansas!

Archival Collections

·         Sillin-Monroe-Sprague family records and Bible records, 1800s to 1959, donated by Russell Baker.
·         Friends of the Arkansas State Archives, board meeting minutes, July 27, 2019, donated by Russell Baker.
·         Bobbie Kennard-Shiloh Museum collection of “All about Arkansas” cards produced by the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, 14 cards, undated, transferred from the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History. Originally donated to the museum by Bobbie Kennard.
·         Scipio Africanus Jones Curtis H. Sykes Memorial Grant final report and three copies of the book “Africanus Jones: Both Intelligent and Wise,” written by Pat Kienzle, 2018-2019.

Published Material

·         “Powhatan Indian Place Names in Tidewater, Virginia,” by Martha W. McCarney and Helen C. Rountree, 2017, donated by Russell Baker.
·         “On the Edge of the Ozarks: Oral Histories from the Arkansas River Valley,” by Kristen Kloss Ulsperger, Jason S. Ulsperger and Kayla Osborne, 2013, donated by Russell Baker.
·         “The Gems of Pike Co.,” including vol. 30, no 2; Vol. 29, no. 4; and vol. 30, no 3, donated by Russell Baker.
·         “Album of Yesteryears,” catalogue for the Bicentennial of the Revolutionary War in Arkansas, donated by Russell Baker.
·         “Arkansas Colonials, 1686-1804: A collection of French and Spanish recordings listed early Europeans in the Arkansas,” by Morris S. Arnold, 1986, donated by Russell Baker.
·         “Images of Stories from England, Arkansas,” author and date unknown, donated by Russell Baker.
·         Arkansas Genealogical Society Fall Seminar catalogue, 2019, donated by Russell Baker.
·         “Mayflower Families through Five Generations,” Vol. 4, second edition, by Bruce M. Campbell, date unknown, donated by Doris Compton.
·         Index to the “Doodlebug” newsletter and journal, prepared in October 2019 by Bill Sayger, Central Delta Depot and Museum, and donated by Bill Sayger.
·         “Brickwall Gazette,” Vol. 23, no. 11, Genealogy Society of Craighead County, Arkansas,  November 2019, donated by the GSCC.
·        The History Newsletter, date unknown, the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, donated by Russell Baker.