Tuesday, February 4, 2020

New Accessions in January

"Arkansas Waltz" sheet music

Our new accessions include donations of music scores, a drawing of Winthrop Rockefeller’s “Inner Circle,” church records from McNeil, in Columbia County, Arkansas, and a 1973 atlas of Arkansas. We hold hundreds of thousands of maps, records, artifacts and books. Let us help you start your next research adventure!

Archival Materials
·         Arkansas Law School catalogues, 1949-1950 and 1950-1951, from an anonymous donor.
·         Five Arkansas postcards donated by New Orleans Public Library: Museum of Automobiles-Petit Jean Mountain, View from Talimena Skyline Drive, St. Elizabeth Church-Eureka Springs, Bridge crossing Lake Hamilton and Majestic Hotel, all undated.
·         New Bethel Baptist Church records, records from New Bethel Baptist Church in McNeil, Arkansas, dated 1869-1886 and includes a typed index of member names. The records were donated by Sara Johnson.
·         Road to a Legacy of Education Excellence, final grant report, Curtis H. Sykes Memorial Grant report, includes final grant report, DVDs and two copies of the book published in 2019.
·         Ron Fuller Collection: contains sheet music for the “Arkansas Waltz,” one “Trojan” Little Rock Junior College yearbook from 1938 and one drawing of Arkansas Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller’s “Inner Circle” by Jon Kennedy. Items were donated by Ron Fuller, Arkansas History Commission member.
New Bethel Baptist Church records

·         Black History Commission of Arkansas collection [accretion]: contains one newspaper section-obituary for John Gragg, one copy of the book “Making America Great: Accomplishments and Struggles of African Americans,” a program for the “Elaine Massacre Memorial Dedication” in 2019 and a poem card by J. Chester Johnson. Items were donated by Carla Coleman, chair of the Black History Commission of Arkansas.
·         Arkansas State Board of Barber Examiners records, 2 cubic feet, ongoing record transfer.
·         Arkansas State Medical Board records, 5 cubic feet, ongoing record transfer.

Printed Materials
·         “Humor and Hard Times along Mud Lake Creek: The Story of the Baker Family of Glenwood on the Caddo,” by Russell Baker, published in 2020. The book was donated by the author.
·         Josh Bridges, with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office, donated: Election Laws of Arkansas and Constitution of the State of Arkansas of 1874, 2015 edition; Election Laws of Arkansas and Constitution of Arkansas of 1874, 2017 edition; Election Laws of Arkansas and Constitution of the State of Arkansas of 1874, 2019 edition; Constitution of the State of Arkansas of 1874, 2012 edition.
·         “Arkansas Review: A Journal of Delta Studies, Vol. 50, Issue 2,” August 2019, was donated by the Friends of the Arkansas State Archives
·         Arkansas State Library donated: Atlas of Arkansas, Arkansas Department of Planning, 1973; Biennial Report of the State Comptroller, 1942 and 1944; and the Financial Report of the Comptroller, 1959-1962.
·         “Genealogical Guide to Research Ancestors from East German and Sudeten German Areas, from German Settlement Regions in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe,” edited by Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostdeutscher Familienforscher e. V., 1998. The guide was donated by Glenn Mosenthin.
Drawing of Winthrop Rockefeller's "Inner Circle" by
Jon Kennedy.