Friday, April 24, 2020

Weekly Puzzle - Arkansas Travellers: Desoto, 1541!

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This modern interpretation of Hernado de Soto traveling through Arkansas in 1541-1542 was painted by Maurice Kellogg of Little Rock in 1974.

Oil painting on canvas of DeSoto in Arkansas with his troops. The troops are in shiny armor holding Spanish flags in the mountains of Arkansas. The painting is signed "Kellogg." On the back of the painting is a printed biography about the artist, Maurice Kellogg. Also, a handwritten label reads: "Arkansas Travellers: DeSoto, 1541 Liquidtex Acrylic, 40" x 60" February 28, 1974." The painting was donated to the ASA by Louise Kellogg, the wife of the painter.

Maurice Dale Kellogg (1919 - 1984).  Kellogg was born December 15, 1919 in Wellington, Kansas. He earned a BA from the University of Kansas and a MA from Harvard University. Kellogg worked as associate director of graphics and design at Ginn & Co. in Boston, Mass., from 1949 to 1967. He taught at the Southeast Arkansas Arts & Science Center beginning in 1974. Exhibitions include: Mid-South Exhibition, 1972; University of Tennessee, 1974; University of Arkansas, Little Rock, 1974. Collections: Dakota Museum; Southeast Arts & Science Center; Southern Arkansas Arts Museum. (Courtesy of AskArt)