Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - Black Administrators in Arkansas Education Project collection, MS.000363

Following the desegregation of public schools in Arkansas, many African American principals lost their jobs or were reassigned to administrative positions. The Retired Educators of Little Rock and Other Public Schools set out to document the historical achievements and struggles of African American administrators through a grant project entitled, “Unfolding History of Black Administrators.” The Retired Educators of Little Rock and Other Public Schools was established in 1968 and is composed of retired school personnel.
Arkansas's African American school principals and administrators held professional membership in the Arkansas School Administrators Association (1952-1969), a branch of the Arkansas Teachers Association (1898-1969). Both organizations, established by African American public school administrators and public school teachers, merged with counterpart groups after integration.
The project was made possible with grants from the Arkansas Humanities Council and the Arkansas Black History Advisory Committee (now the Black History Commission of Arkansas). The project's survey questionnaires and biographical material resulted in a book entitled “Educating the Masses: The Unfolding History of Black School Administrators in Arkansas, 1900-2000,” by C. Calvin Smith.
This collection contains survey questionnaires of African American administrators, news clippings, and photographs sent to the Retired Educators of Little Rock and Other Public Schools for its project, “Unfolding History of the Black Administrators.”

·         Biographical materials, by surname
o    1. A (Box 1)
o    2. Ba-Bi
o    3. Bl-Bo
o    4. Br
o    5. Bu
o    6. Ca-Ch
o    7. Cl-Cn
o    8. Co-Cu
o    9. D
o    10. E
o    11. Fa-Fh
o    12. Fi-Fr
o    13. G
o    14. Ha
o    15. He-Hi (Box 2)
o    16. Ho-Hu
o    17. I
o    18. Ja-Johns
o    19. Johnson
o    20. Jones-Jordan
o    21. K
o    22. La-Le
o    23. Li-Ly
o    24. Ma
o    25. Mc
o    26. Me-Mi
o    27. Mo-Mu
o    28. N (Box 3)
o    29. O
o    30. Pa-Ph
o    31. Pi-Po
o    32. Q
o    33. R
o    34. Sa-Sl
o    35. Sm
o    36. St-Su
o    37. Sy-Sz
o    38. T
o    39. U
o    40. V
o    41. Wa-We
o    42. Whi-Wiley
o    43. Williams
o    44. Will-Wils
o    45. Win-Woo
o    46. Y-Z