Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Internal Improvement Fund records, SMC.9.10

On December 30, 1848, the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas passed a law entitled "An act to distribute the proceeds of the 500,000 acres of land donated to the State of Arkansas for Internal Improvements." This act also established a board of Internal Improvement Commissioners consisting of elected officials from different counties across the state.

This collection contains receipts and certificates of commissions for members of the Internal Improvement Fund.

  • Receipts (Reel MG00204)
    • 1850 October 31: William F. Pope, Little Rock, Arkansas, to Auditor of the State of Arkansas
    • 1850 November 4: Thomas Sharpe, to Auditor of the State of Arkansas
    • 1850 December 31: L.I. Reardon, to Auditor of the State of Arkansas
  • Certification of Commissioners of Internal Improvement
    • 1850 September 23: John Madden, James J. Barnes, Isaac Hunter, Theodore H. Goodloe, and Samuel B. Joslin, Van Buren County
    • 1850 October 16: Alexander McIlroy, John M. Mitchell, Minetor Carter, W.G. Bohhanning, and J.S. Anderson, Greene County
    • 1850 October 19: Edward H. Featherson, Johnson McDaniel, Allen Trousdale, George Minton, and Terry Thomas, Polk County
    • 1850 October 22: William M. Payne, John Sanders, John Titsworth, William M. Berry, and Robert C. Young, Madison County
    • 1850 December 6: George W. Patrick, Marvin B. Street, Anthony Smith, William B. Harp, and William B. May, Johnson County
    • 1853 September 5: Edward M. Harris, Dallas County
  • Miscellaneous
    • 1857 September: Internal Improvement Fund receipt [fragment]

Saturday, July 15, 2017

11th Annual Red River Heritage Symposium

The 11th Annual Red River Heritage Symposium will be held from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 22 at the Historic Washington State Park Courthouse. SARA archival assistant Joshua Fischer will be presenting on SARA's Robert B. Walz photograph collection and ASA archival assistant Brian Irby will be presenting on industry in Southwest Arkansas.
This symposium will focus on timber in the Red River region. Admission is $30. For more information, you can call 870-983-2684 or email

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - William Ludlow papers SMC.10.16

William Ludlow was born May 22, 1795, in Montgomery County, New York. His family moved to Oneida and Ontario counties, New York, and Sandusky County, Ohio. On April 1, 1833, he moved to Brown's Landing, also known as Laconia, on the Mississippi River, Desha County, Arkansas, with his wife Mary Brown Ludlow, and family. They had six children: Marvin W., Myron J., Julia, Fannie, Margaret, and Isabell. He served as Justice of the Peace for both Arkansas and Desha counties. Ludlow died in Napoleon, Arkansas, on September 28, 1866, while traveling from Little Rock to his home in Desha County.

This collection contains correspondence received by William Ludlow from family members and business associates, his Justice of the Peace commissions, business and legal papers, and miscellaneous materials.
  • Correspondence (Reel MG00205)
    • 1840 May 16: Thomas Ludlow, to William Ludlow, Arkansas
    • 1841 January 5: Robert Ludlow, Italy Hollow, New York, to William Ludlow, White River, Desha County, Arkansas
    • 1842 October 21: M.W. Ludlow and Julia C. Ludlow, to "Father and Mother, Sisters and Brother"
    • 1843 September 4: Thomas and Eunice Ludlow, to William Ludlow, Mouth of White River, Desha County, Arkansas
    • 1845 November 1: Ludlow and Whedon families, to Mrs. William Ludlow, Mouth of White River, Desha County, Arkansas
    • 1846 April 20: Envelope to William Ludlow, Desha County, Arkansas
    • 1846 December 17: Moses Greenwood, New Orleans, Louisiana, to William Ludlow, foot of Island 69, Brown's Landing, Desha County, Arkansas
    • 1847 February 13: Moses Greenwood, New Orleans, Louisiana, to William Ludlow, Desha County, Arkansas
    • 1848 April 3: Mary Russell, Memphis, Tennessee, to Mary Ludlow, Montgomerys Point, Arkansas
    • 1848 July 20: Mary Russell, Memphis, Tennessee, to Mary Ludlow, Montgomerys Point, Arkansas
    • 1850 April 10: Mary Ann Russell, Memphis, Tennessee, to [Mary Ludlow], Montgomery Point, Arkansas
    • 1858 November 28: Margaret R. Dean, Lyons, Ionia County, Michigan, to William Ludlow, Laconia, Desha County, Arkansas
    • 1859 March 5: [Thomas Ludlow], to William Ludlow, Laconia, Desha County, Arkansas
  • Legal papers
    • 1839 June 22: Sworn statement, Levi Brown, Phillips County
    • 1841 January 18: Summons, Daniel McGlothlen and William Carack
    • 1847 February 3: Quit claim deed, William Ludlow to John J. Murray
    • 1847 February 15: Quit claim deed, William Ludlow to John J. Murray
    • 1860 May 19: Bill of sale, James Brown to Margaret E. Ludlow
  • Justice of the Peace commissions, William Ludlow
    • 1838 November 12: Arkansas County, Arkansas
    • 1840 November 14: Desha County, Arkansas
    • 1842 October 18: Desha County, Arkansas
    • 1844 October 25: Desha County, Arkansas
    • 1846 October 26: Desha County, Arkansas
  • Business papers
    • 1838 December 15: Receipt, Helena Receiver's Office to William Ludlow
    • 1845 August 30: Shipping notice, D.M. Curry to William Ludlow, Browns Landing, Arkansas
    • 1847 February 13: Bill, M. Greenwood, New Orleans, to William Ludlow
  • Miscellaneous
    • 1852 May 26: Pressed flower
    • Undated: Note about a sprig of an olive tree from the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
    • Undated: Envelopes
    • 1908 January 26: Newsclipping, "A Southern Hero," Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives announces symposium

The Arkansas State Archives and the Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives will host a symposium on Sat., Aug. 5, at the Male and Female Academy from 9:30 a.m. until 3:15 p.m., Department of Arkansas Heritage Director Stacy Hurst announced today. The symposium’s theme, “Cultivating Life: Agricultural History in Northeast Arkansas,” will feature speakers Dr. Cherisse Jones-Branch, Dr. Brooks Blevins, Dr. Blake Perkins and Joan Gould.

Topics include Land Claims: the Seedbed of Agricultural Heritage; Cowboys and Hog Drovers: Raising Livestock in the Antebellum Ozarks; Hillbilly Hellraisers: Federal Power and Populist Defiance in the Ozarks; and African American Home Demonstration Agents in Rural Jim Crow Arkansas, 1914-1965.

The seminar is free to attend but registration is required. Deadline for registration is July 31. Registration is limited, so be sure to make reservations soon. Check-in will begin at 9 a.m. Teachers can earn up to four professional development hours through attendance. Lunch will be provided.

The Arkansas State Archives is an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage and is responsible for collecting and maintaining the largest collection of historical materials on Arkansas in the world.  The State Archives has two branch locations: the Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives is located in Powhatan and the Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives is located in Washington.

Other agencies of the Department of Arkansas Heritage include the Arkansas Arts Council, the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, the Delta Cultural Center in Helena, the Old State House Museum, the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, and the Historic Arkansas Museum.

For more information about the symposium or to register, email or call 870-878-6521.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Closed for Fourth of July

The Arkansas State Archives and its two branches, the Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives and the Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives, will be closed Tuesday in observance of the 4th of July holiday. They will reopen with normal business hours on Wednesday, July 5th. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Rollison family papers, MG.00184

The Rollison family moved from Indiana to Arkansas in 1879. They lived in DeWitt and Almyra, Arkansas County, Arkansas. Thaddeus Warsaw Rollison (1858 November 10-1953 August 29) was the son of Charles Perry (1827-1895) and Matilda Runser Rollison (1823-1898).
Thaddeus W. married Rosa Etta Coffey, age seventeen, the daughter of Shelton and Dicy Sanders Coffey, in Arkansas County on October 26, 1879. To this union were born Eva A. (1880), Alma Kate (1882), Nathan Jersey (1884), Cora May (1886), Ina Belle (1888), Charles Shelton (1890), Pearl (1892), Ralph Thaddeus (1894), Nora (1897), Estelle (1899), and Mable (1901).

Thaddeus told the story of his family's move to Arkansas from Indiana on a flatboat when he was a teen in the series "From Indiana to Arkansas," Arkansas Democrat Magazine section, July 11, 18, 25, and August 1, 1937.

This collection contains correspondence and papers related to education and genealogy and images related to the Rollison family of Dewitt and Almyra, Arkansas County, Arkansas.

·         Correspondence
o    Coffey family, 1874-1877 (Reel MG00184)
o    Rosa Coffey and T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw] Rollison, 1878-1879
o    Rollison family
§  1880-1899
§  1901-1906
§  1907 August-September
§  1907 October
§  1907 November-December
§  1908 January-April
§  1908 May
§  1908 June-August
§  1908 September-December
§  1909 January-April
§  1909 May-September
§  1910 January-September
§  1910 October
§  1910 November-December
§  1911 February-March
§  1911 April-August
§  1912-1914
§  1915
§  1916-1917
§  1918
§  1919
§  1920-1927
§  1930-1938
§  1941-1943
§  Rollison family: James (Jimmie) Perry
§  1944
§  1945
o    Rollison/Scott/Vos, 1945 (Reel MG00185)
o    Rollison family
§  1946
§  1947-1948
§  1950-1959
§  1961-1963
§  1974-1986
§  Undated
o    Postcards
§  1907-1917
§  1918-1974
§  Undated
·         Rollison family material: a story by T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw] Rollison titled, “A Flat Boat Trip from Indiana to Arkansas”
·         Rollison family history
o    “Family of T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw] Rollison”
o    Rollison Ancestors
o    “Thomas Coffey and His Descendants”
·         Educational papers
o    DeWitt High School
o    N.J. Rollison's teacher papers
o    Miscellaneous school papers
o    Miscellaneous family papers
·         Albums
o    Rollison family
o    T.R. Rollison
o    Coffey/Eller family
·         Loose photographs
o    Individuals
§  1. Mary Rusher Johnson Baker
§  2. Mary Dicy Bandy
§  3. Polly Dowell Coffey
§  4. Shelton Coffey, father of Rosa Etta Coffey Rollison. Photo by A.W. Judd, Chattanooga.
§  5. Kate Rollison Layman France
§  6. Nora Rollison Garrison
§  7. Jimmie Perry
§  8. Johnie H.Perry
§  9. Raymon Perry
§  10. Charley Rollison
§  11. Estelle Rollison
§  12. Ina Rollison
§  13. Mable Rollison
§  14. N.J. [Nathan Jersey] Rollison
§  15. Ralph T. Rollison
§  16. Rosa Etta Coffey Rollison
§  17. Sarah Cox Rollison, wife of Charles Rollison, grandmother of T.W. Rollison
§  18. Catherine Runser
§  19. Uncle John Rusher, T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw] Rollison's half-brother, 1917
§  20. Unidentified
o    Groups
§  1. Baker
§  2. Coffey
§  3. Warner and Kate Rollison France
§  4. Sam and Kate Layman
§  5. Rollison
§  a. Ina, Eva, and Kate Rollison
§  b. Jersey (23), Ina (19) and Pearl (15) Rollison driving Black Bess (5 years), 1907 August 9. Photo by Dayton Bowers, DeWitt, Arkansas
§  c. Kate, Pearl, Ina, and Nora Rollison
§  d. Including N.J. [Nathan Jersey] Rollison (Reel MG00186)
§  e. T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw] Rollison family
§  f. Ina Rollison Vos and Kate Rollison France
§  g. Rosa Rollison, Eva Rollison (Perry) and T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw] Rollison at the old prairie house, 1908 July
§  h. Estelle Rollison and Mary Coffey
§  i. Warner Krand, T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw] Rollison, unidentified, Marion Rollison, N.J. [Nathan Jersey] Rollison, and Add Rollison
§  j. Pearl Rollison Smith and T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw] Rollison
§  k. N.J. [Nathan Jersey] Rollison, Homer Vos, Charley Vos, T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw] Rollison, Glenn Vos,1942 April 1
§  l. Mable and Estelle Rollison, 1907 November 26
§  m. Nora Rollison and N.J. [Nathan Jersey] Rollison
§  6. Turner
o    Arkansas County, Arkansas, schools
§  1.-2. Almyra School, 1913 February 5. Includes N.J. [Nathan Jersey] Rollison, teacher.
§  3. Group with Pearl Rollison, teacher
§  4. Back row: Peyton Moncrief, Glen Alter, [Marion Derrick], Jess Walker, [Mr. Ra]y. 2nd row: Gilbert Bowers, Willie Menard, Ralph Rollison, Roy Bowers, Ray Pearman. 3rd row: May (Fox) Pearman, Tea (Derrick) Fox, Lena (Gibson) Phillips, Sallie Holbert. Front row: Winnie Spratlin, Grace Cullipher, Effie Parker, Grace Cunningham McKay, Hazel (Gibson) Moncrief, Pearl Morrison, Mabel Purdy.
o    Alva E. and Pearl Rollison Smith family
§  1. Alva and Pearl on their wedding day, 1917 June 17
§  2. Pearl Rollison, age 16, 1909 May 5. Photo by Dayton Bowers, DeWitt, Arkansas
§  3. Pearl Rollison, 1910 December 28. Photo by Dayton Bowers, DeWitt, Arkansas
§  4. Pearl Rollison Smith
§  5. Alva and Pearl Smith, 1944
§  6. Alva, Pearl, and R.T. [Robert Thaddeus] Smith
§  7. R.T. [Robert Thaddeus] and Pearl Smith, 1971
§  8. R.T. [Robert Thaddeus] Smith
§  9. Charles Perry Rollison and Matilda Runser Rusher Rollison, T.W. Rollison's father and mother. Photo by Dayton Bowers, DeWitt, Arkansas.
§  10. [?] Pearman, age 3 years 9 months, 1919 October 13
o    Charles Perry Rollison's children
§  1. Marion, Bennie, Ree, and T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw]
§  2. Marion and T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw]
§  3. Marion, Add [Addison], and Thaddeus W. [Thaddeus Warsaw]
§  4. M. [Marion] (73, June 24, 1938), A.S. [Addison S.] (74, 1937 October 16), and T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw] (79, 1937 November 10) Worthington, Indiana, 1938 April 22
§  5. T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw], Marion, Add, and Ada
§  6. M. [Marion], A.S. [Addison S.], Roy and Harley; J.M. Garrison, son of Maletha and Gilbert Maners. Worthington, Indiana, April 22, 1938.
§  7. T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw] and Marion, 1917 July 4
§  8. [Dacia], Marion, T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw], Ada, and Add
§  9. T.W. [Thaddeus Warsaw], [Uncle Henry Rusher], Add, and Marion
§  10. Edgar and Alma, 1963 December 31
§  11. Owen, Jesse, and Ollie
§  12. Ree, Edgar, Walter, and Esther
§  13. Benny, Walter, Roy, Ree, Edgar, and Henry R's wife
§  14. Gilbert, Owen, Jesse, Walter, Edgar, Ollie, and Ree
§  15. From left (standing): Jesse, Walter, Owen, Ree and granddaughter, Gilbert, Edgar, and Ollie
§  16. Left to right: Ollie, Jesse, Benny, Walter, Owen, Edgar, Roy, Ree, and Henry (brother of Tom)
§  17. Unidentified man in car
§  18. Unidentified church
o    Other
§  1. Baring Cross School
§  2. Unidentified group by water. Photo by Dayton Bowers, DeWitt, Arkansas
§  3. Unidentified group. Photo by Dayton Bowers, DeWitt, Arkansas
§  4. School group including Nora Rollison
§  5. Unidentified group outside building. Photo by Dayton Bowers, DeWitt, Arkansas
§  6. Hanging bridge, Royal Gorge, Colorado, 1927