Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Archibald Yell Papers

Archibald Yell Papers, SMC.21.8

Archibald Yell was an army officers, United State Representative, and the second Governor of Arkansas. He was born in North Carolina in 1797 to Moses and Mary Curry Yell, but grew up in Tennessee. Archibald served in the War of 1812 and fought at the Battle of New Orleans, reaching the rank of sergeant. He went on to serve during the First Seminole War as a first lieutenant. Yell married Mary Scott on November 8, 1821, in Tennessee. Mary Yell died in 1823 while giving birth to their daughter, Mary Scott Yell. In 1827, Yell married Nancy Jordon Moore, with whom he had four children: Artemesia, Jane, and Elizabeth, and Dewitt Clinton. While in Tennessee, Yell served in the state legislature and also practiced law. He served as Receiver of Public Monies in Little Rock, Arkansas. However, he resigned after he developed malaria and moved back to Tennessee to recover.
Yell returned to Arkansas in 1835, settling in Fayetteville, after receiving an appointment as a territorial circuit judge. His second wife, Nancy, died in October 1835.  Yell then married Mary Ficklin in July 1836. That same year, Yell became the first congressman from the State of Arkansas. He did not run for reelection due to the death of his third wife. In 1840, he successfully ran for Governor of Arkansas and served until his unexpected resignation in Spring 1844. Retirement was short-lived, with Yell entering the congressional election against his law partner, David Walker. Yell won the election and served until the outbreak of the Mexican War in 1846, when he resigned. He enrolled as a private under Captain Solon Borland, but was elected colonel. During the Battle of Buena Vista, Yell led a charge against the Mexican Army, received multiple wounds, and died on February 22, 1847.

This collection contains correspondence, a will, and news clippings related to the Yell family.
  • 1840 April 21: A. Yell, Little Rock, Arkansas, to Gilbert Marshill, Booneville, Arkansas (Reel MG00212)
  • 1849 November 30: List of lands devised by Governor Yell, to his children
  • 1841 July 2: Will, Archibald Yell
  • 1915 June 6: "Governor Yell's Old Home Stands," Arkansas Gazette
  • 1894 June 7: "Dear Cousin Jennie"
  • Undated: Newsclipping, obituaries, Joel B. Smith, Clinton Y. Smith, and Archibald Yell
  • Undated: News clipping, "Lincoln County" by Jno. M. Bright

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - Lycurgus A. Sallee papers, MS.000856

Lycurgus A. Sallee was born in St. Charles County, Missouri, on March 19, 1829, to Isaac Huffman and Lucinda Baugh Sallee. Lycurgus joined the Confederate Army in Camden, Arkansas, in May of 1861. He served in Company C, First Arkansas Regiment, as a private. After the Civil War, he left Arkansas, later living in Colorado and Texas. He died in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on November 29, 1916, but is buried in Westlawn Cemetery, Del Rio, Texas.
This collection contains correspondence, a scrapbook, and items from the Civil War and 1911 Confederate Veterans Reunion in Little Rock, Arkansas. This correspondence details the Battle of Chickamauga on the 19th and 20th of September 1862 and the Battle of Stones River fought on December 31, 1862, in Tennessee.
·         "The Daily Citizen," Vicksburg, Mississippi (photocopy) 1863 July 2 (Box 1)
·         Correspondence
o    Lycurgus A. Sallee, Johnson County, North Carolina, to James J. Lawrence 1865 April 2 (Box 1)
o    Envelope, Walter L. Bragg, Alabama, to L.A. Sallee, Army of Tennessee 1860 November 18 (Box 1)
o    M.M. Duffie, Winnipeg, Canada, to "Dear Old Friend" 1898 February 27 (Box 1)
o    Robert L. Rodgers, Atlanta, Georgia, to L.A. Sallee, Apishapa, Colorado 1898 March 19 (Box 1)
o    Lycurgus A. Sallee, Del Rio, Texas, to Mamie Yeovy, M'Gregor, Texas 1910 May 2 (Box 1)
o    Lycurgus Ashbrook Sallee, Del Rio, Texas, to J.A. Reeves, Camden, Arkansas 1910 February 26 (Box 1)
o    Charles W. Bryan, Lincoln, Nebraska, to L.A. "Salles," Del Rio, Texas 1912 April 26 (Box 1)
o    George A. Proctor to unknown Undated (Box 1)
o    Bennett H. Young, Louisville, Kentucky, to "Dear Friend" Undated (Box 1)
·         Booklet: "Fifty Best Poems of America" 1937 (Box 1)
·         Pamphlet: United Confederate Veterans Reunion, Little Rock, Arkansas 1911 May 16-18 (Box 1)
·         Scrapbook 1891-1913 (Box 2)