Thursday, July 2, 2015

Two New Online Digital Collections

The AHC is pleased to announce the launch of two new online digital collections.

The first collection is called From Swamps to Farms - The History of Farming in Arkansas. The collection currently focuses on the history of agriculture in northeastern Arkansas but will probably be expanded to include farming history from other parts of the state. This collection can be accessed here:…/landing…/collection/p16790coll24

The second collection is called Every Front is the Home Front: Arkansas in the Civil War. This collection features two Civil War journals kept by soldiers and Arkansas's secession document. This collection can be accessed here:…/landingp…/collection/p16790coll4

We've also added some new items to our Multicultural Collection this week. Those new items can be viewed here:…/landing…/collection/p16790coll12

We hope you'll enjoy viewing our newest additions!