Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Rosemary Hamel Collection, MS.000708

Genealogical research pertaining to the Allison, Vance, Cole, and Turner families in central Arkansas, gathered by Rosemary Hamel. Includes a 3-ring notebook with family histories, Dr. William Allison's Bible and journal, family correspondence, newspaper clippings, and 53 photographs.

  • Correspondence (Box 1)
  • Notebook: Branches of the Allison, Vance, Cole, Turner Family Tree
  • Newspaper clippings (Box 2)
  • Bible
  • Photographs
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.01: Left side Montine Cole, right side Pauline Cole. Sepia. Arkansas, circa 1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.02: Enoch Harvey Vance, father of Elizabeth 'Behie' Allison. Black and white. Arkansas, circa 1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.03: Elizabeth 'Bettie' Allison with unknown child. Black and white. Arkansas, circa 1900's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.04: Dr. William M. Allison. Black and white. Arkansas, circa 1900's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.05: Allison family reunion. From left to right top row: Marvin 'Mug' Cantrell, Will Allison, Sarah Ruth Allison, Buddy Allison, Ruth Allison, Arch Cole, Pearl Cole, Walter Allison, Hattie Allison Payne, Sarh Allison, Cecil Allison, Bob Allison, Peel Allison, Pauline Cole Ussery, George Ussery, Max Cole. Left to right bottom row: 'child' Allison, Elizabeth Allison, Gus Allison, 'child' Allison, Dr. William M. Allison, Montine Cole Lawrence, Lucille Allison, Gus Allsion , Corine Allison Cox. Black and white. Arkansas, circa 1925-1935.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.06: Arch Eugene Cole, Mary Pearl Cole, and Pauline Cole. Black and white. Quitman, Arkansas, circa 1910.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.07: Arch Eugene Cole. Black and white. Arkansas, circa 1910-1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.08: Pearl Cole holding Joe Paul Daves. Black and white. 1945.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.09: Montine Cole nine months old sitting in a highchair. Black and white post card. Conway, Arkansas, 1911 July 19.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.10: Mary Pearl Allison Cole portrait. Black and white. Circa 1920-1930.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.11: Mary Pearl Allison Cole portrait. Black and white. Circa 1930's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.12: Cole family Reunion and William Allison 94th Birthday dinner. Black and white.Van Buren, Arkansas, 1936 December 23.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.13: Pauline Cole standing outside next to two unknown men. Black and white. Circa 1920's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.14: Unknown group of people sitting on a sandy beach with two buildings in the back ground. Sepia.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.15: Two unknown men driving an four wheel buggy, pulled by a cow. A small unknown girl and a unknown man riding the cow pulling the buggy. Sepia. Circa 1920's -1930's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.16: Elizabeth 'Bettie' Allison and Dr. William M. Allison. Sepia. Date unknown.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.17: William Pollard Jr., age 10 weeks. Speia.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.18: Joe Paul Daves, the son of Joe and Pauline Daves, reading a comic book. Black and white.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.19: Arch Cole, Pauline Cole, and Mary Pearl Cole sitting for a family portrait. Black and white. Circa 1900.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.20: Pauline Cole standing on a wicker chair. Sepia. Circa 1900-1910.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.21: Pauline Cole and Montine Cole . Black and white. Circa 1910's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.22: Mary Pearl Allison Cole portrait. Black and white. Circa 1910's.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.23: Arch Eugene Cole portrait. Black and white. Circa 1910-1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.24: Mary Pearl Cole portrait. Black and white. Circa 1910-1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.25: Berry Riley Cole and Elizabeth Cole sitting outside. Sepia.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.26: Arch Eugene Cole standing next to Montine Cole. Black and white. Circa 1910-1920.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.27: Mary Pearl Allison is the second from the right. Mary is sitting next to two unknown men and an known woman. Black and white. Circa 1910.
    • PH.RosemaryHamel.28: Enoch Harvey Vance portrait. Black and white. 1903 January 20.

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