Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Francis Joseph Guy papers, MS.000108

Dr. Frank Shaw Guy was a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Little Rock College in Little Rock, Arkansas, then earned his Master of Arts degree from Catholic University of America in 1932. He taught history, political science and sociology at Little Rock College from 1934 to 1941, before joining the faculty at Admiral Farragut Academy in Pine Beach, New Jersey. He also lectured in United States history at the Rutgers University Off-Campus Center in Atlantic City, and took additional graduate work in education at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1951 he became the Director of Admissions at Admiral Farrgut Academy. Although his given name was Francis Joseph Guy, he chose to call himself Frank Shaw Guy. He died on December 31, 1965, at the age of 59, and was survived by his wife, Catherine H. Guy.

This collection contains newsclippings, brochures, books, file cards, magazine pages, a scrapbook, and Francis Joseph Guy's thesis regarding the history of Catholicism in Arkansas.

·         1. 1966 January 19: Frank S. Guy obituary, "The Capstan," Admiral Farragut Academy (Box 1)
·         2. 1940 November 12: Letter, J. Olson Anders, Work Projects Administration of Arkansas, to Frank Shaw Guy, Saint John's Seminary, Little Rock
·         History of Catholicity in Arkansas
o    3. Undated: Chapter 1 draft, "The Planting of the Cross in Arkansas"
o    4. Undated: Chapters 1 and 2 drafts, "Planting of the Cross in Arkansas," "The Era of the Pioneer Missionaries"
o    5. Undated: Chapter 3 draft, "During the Interim"
o    6. Undated: Chapter 3 and 4 drafts,"During the Interim," "The Arkansas Missions in the Diocese of St. Louis"
o    7. Undated: Chapter 4 draft, "The Arkansas Missions in the Diocese of St. Louis"
o    8. Undated: Chapter 5 draft, "The Bishop Byrne Era"
o    9. Undated: Chapter 5 and partial chapter 6 drafts, "The Bishop Byrne Era," "The Bishop Fitzgerald Era"
o    10. Undated: Chapter 6 draft, "The Bishop Fitzgerald Era"
o    11. Undated: Chapter 8 draft, "Central Deanery"
o    12. Undated: Holy Ghost Fathers, chapter 8 information
o    13. Undated: Sacred Heart, Morrilton, chapter 8 information
o    14. Undated: Saint Joseph's, Conway, chapter 8 information
o    15. Undated: Saint Andrew's, Little Rock, chapter 8 information
o    16. Undated: Chapter 10 introduction, "West-Central Deanery"
o    17. Undated: Saint Scholastica's, New Blaine, chapter 10 information
o    18. Undated: Saints Peter and Paul, Morrison Bluff, chapter 10 information
o    19. Undated: Sacred Heart, Hartman, chapter 10 information
o    20. Undated: Chapter 12 draft, "North-eastern Deanery"
o    21. Undated: Saint John the Baptist, Engelberg, chapter 12 information
o    22. Undated: South-central deanery, unknown chapter
o    23. Undated: South-western deanery, unknown chapter
o    24. Undated: Saint John's Home Missions Seminary history
o    25. Undated: Notes for chapters 24-47 (Box 2)
o    26. Miscellaneous notes (Box 1)
·         27. 1934, 1947: Mississippi Valley Historical Review brochure, Bishops Byrne and Fitzgerald images, "The Guardian Silver Jubilee Edition" articles, Catholic Universty of America, Arkansas parish histories (Box 2)
·         28. 1869 August 19: Indenture, William W. Morrison to Mary E. Behus, signed Patrick May (attorney), George W. Clark (notary public), George W. McDiarmid (county clerk)
·         29. Bibliography cards
·         30. 1925: "The History of Catholicity in Arkansas"
·         31. 1932: The Catholic Church in Arkansas 1541-1843, dissertation by Frank Shaw Guy
·         32. 1934: Souvenir book, St. Edward's Church, Little Rock, golden jubilee
·         33. 1892 February 4: Arkansas Gazette, Bishop Fitzgerald's consecration (Box 3)
·         34. 1938 December 23: Pages from the Guardian, history of Morris Institute, Searcy
·         35. 1892: Articles, Bishop Fitzgerald's silver jubilee
·         36. Miscellaneous newsclippings