Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - United States Postal Service records, MG.02089

Article I of the U.S. Constitution, adopted in 1787, empowered the government "to establish post offices and post roads." Records were kept to document the establishment of each post office and the appointment of postmasters. The geographical site location reports were completed by postmasters for use by the Topographer's Office in compiling postal route maps.

Postmaster appointment records contain dates of establishment and discontinuance of post offices, name changes, and postmaster names and appointment dates. Geographical site location reports include county and State; land description (range, township, and section); mail route number; distance from post office to nearest mail route; and closest rivers, creeks, canals, roads, and railroads.
  • Arkansas postmaster appointments
    • 1789-1832
      • 1789-1818 (Reel MG02089)
      • 1814-1823 (Reel MG02090)
      • 1824-1828 (Reel MG02091)
      • 1828-1832 (Reel MG02092)
    • 1832-1971
      • Arkansas-Dorsey counties (Reel MG02093)
      • Drew-Lonoke counties (Reel MG02094)
      • Madison-Sarber counties (Reel MG02095)
      • Scott-Yell counties (Reel MG02096)
  • Geographical site location reports
    • Arkansas-Ashley (Reel MG02097)
    • Baxter-Benton (Reel MG02098)
    • Boone-Carroll (Reel MG02099)
    • Chicot-Cleburne (Reel MG02100)
    • Cleveland-Craighead (Reel MG02101)
    • Crawford-Cross (Reel MG02102)
    • Dallas-Drew (Reel MG02103)
    • Faulkner-Fulton (Reel MG02104)
    • Garland-Greene (Reel MG02105)
    • Hempstead-Howard (Reel MG02106)
    • Independence-Izard (Reel MG02107)
    • Jackson-Jefferson (Reel MG02108)
    • Johnson-Lawrence (Reel MG02109)
    • Lee-Little River (Reel MG02110)
    • Logan-Lonoke (Reel MG02111)
    • Madison-Marion (Reel MG02112)
    • Miller-Monroe (Reel MG02113)
    • Montgomery-Newton (Reel MG02114)
    • Ouachita-Pike (Reel MG02115)
    • Poinsett-Prairie (Reel MG02116)
    • Pulaski-Randolph (Reel MG02117)
    • St. Francis-Scott (Reel MG02118)
    • Searcy-Sevier (Reel MG02119)
    • Sharp-Union (Reel MG02120)
    • Van Buren-Washington (Reel MG02121)
    • White-Yell (Reel MG02122)

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