Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - Arkansaw Water Company report of the 1927 flood, MS.000845

In April 1927, Arkansas received record rainfall with over seven inches falling in Little Rock in just a few hours. The ground was already saturated, and flooding on the Mississippi River began affecting other rivers including the Arkansas. This flood cost Arkansas more in both human lives and property damage than any other state along the Mississippi River Valley. The flood effectively covered thirty-six of the seventy-five Arkansas counties in water up to thirty feet deep and covered 6,600 square miles. At the time, Little Rock's water supply came from the Arkansas River and was supplemented by wells in low lying areas of the city that were affected by the flood.
The Arkansas Water Company began providing water for Little Rock, Arkansas in 1910 and continued through 1936 when the city of Little Rock purchased the system and formed the Little Rock Municipal Water Works.
This collection contains a bound report of the 1927 Arkansas River flood in Little Rock, Arkansas, by the Arkansaw Water Company and contains typed reports, personal stories, photographs, and press clippings.

·         Day by day account of preparations for and remedial work performed because of the 1927 flood in Pulaski County 1927 April

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