Friday, March 27, 2015

April Digitization Clinics

In commemoration of the 110th anniversary of the Arkansas History Commission and State Archives, the agency will host digitization clinics each Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. in its conference room.

For the April digitization clinics, AHC staff invites the general public to bring in material appropriate for scanning on flatbed scanners or for photographing, such as documents, maps or photographs. AHC archivists will scan and save to CDs copies of scanned material for the public.  Members of the general public who choose to take advantage of this free scanning service will be asked to share the digital copies with the History Commission for research, exhibits and publication.  

“The digitization clinic is a modern twist on the way the History Commission built its collections from the beginning,” said Commission Director Dr. Lisa Speer. “Through the years, our collections have grown thanks to the foresight of historically minded citizens across Arkansas and the U.S. We still like receiving donations of historical manuscripts and records, but we recognize that not everyone is ready to donate their family papers and memorabilia. This digitization clinic provides them with an option to share the content, while maintaining the originals during their lifetime.”

The Arkansas History Commission was created during the 1905 session of the Arkansas General Assembly for the purpose of collecting and preserving Arkansas’s significant wealth of historic material. 

For additional information on the Arkansas History Commission and these clinics, please phone 501-682-6900 or email