Wednesday, January 27, 2016

AHC Acquisitions and Accessions in January 2016

AHC Book Acquisitions

War Birds:  Diary of an Unknown Aviator, by John MacGavock Grider
Eight Nine Romeo Poppa:  The Story of Arkansas Aviation, by Dave Wallis

NEARA Periodical Acquisitions

Independence County "Bits of Bark from the Family Tree” Vol. 40 No. 4 December 2015
Lawrence County Historical Journal, 2015 No.  2
Lawrence County Historical Journal, 2015 No.  3
Lawrence County Historical Journal, 2015 No.  4

Periodical Acquisitions

Field Notes:  Newsletter of the Arkansas Archeological Society, No. 387, November/December 2015.

High School and College Annuals:

The 1961 Bulldog (Texarkana College, Texarkana, TX)
The 1962 Bulldog
The 1963 Eagle (Emmet High School, Emmet, AR)
The 1964 Eagle
The 1965 Bears (Spring Hill High School, Spring Hill, AR)
The 1966 Bears
The 1967 Bears
The 1968 Bears
The 1971 Bears
The 1972 Bears

AHC Accessions

Henry Loewer collection
, 3 cu. ft.
Benjamin Oliver Lewis Bible, 1 cu. ft.
Annie Parnell Dougherty Welch collection, 1 cu. ft.
John H. Reynolds Correspondence, 0.25 cu. ft.