Friday, January 29, 2016

January 2016 Issue of the Arkansas Archivist

Look inside the January 2016 Issue of the Arkansas Archivist for these and other features

Upcoming Symposium on Little Rock School Desegregation

Arkansas’s education system has been scarred by the legacy of segregation and the struggle to end it and provide equal opportunity for all students. Often, history books treat the desegregation struggle as settled and ended in the 1950s and 1960s. Many historians, however, argue that the legacy of segregation continues to be felt in the current educational climate. On February 6, the Black History Commission of Arkansas and the Arkansas History Commission will present a program titled, Little Rock School Desegregation: Then to Now at the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center in Little Rock.

Newly Found J.H. Reynolds Correspondence Donated to the AHC

Last year, the Arkansas History Commission and State Archives celebrated its 110th birthday. Founded in 1905, the History Commission was the brainchild of J.H. Reynolds, a history professor who taught at both the University of Arkansas and Hendrix College during his career in education. Some of the collective history of the agency’s earliest years, including Reynolds involvement, is held in the archives’ vault. Recently, however, a collection of previously unknown correspondence connected to J.H. Reynolds and the agency’s earliest years was discovered.

Black History Commission News

One of the goals of the Arkansas History Commission is to collect and preserve the state’s African American history, and to share that history with the people of Arkansas. In February 2015, Tatyana Oyinloye, the AHC’s African American History Program Coordinator, was invited to Chicot Primary School and Early Childhood Center in Little Rock to speak to kindergarten classes about African American inventors and their inventions.

From the Director

The Arkansas History Commission got an early Christmas present last year during the last months of 2015. For years, our staff and commissioners have talked about the need for a support group for the agency. Earlier efforts to establish a “friends” group had yielded little or no results. Everyone knows that volunteer organizations, like friends groups, usually take a significant commitment of time, energy and dedication from their members — members whose only incentive and reward is the good feeling they get from helping an organization or cause that is important to them.