Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016 Arkansas History Commission Newsletter

Look inside the March 2016 Issue of the Arkansas Archivist for these and other features!

AHC Celebrates Women’s History Month

Hair tied up in a bandana, arm flexed revealing a rather “unladylike” bicep, clad in the uniform of a factory worker —this is a familiar image to those who have seen  propaganda posters from World War II.  She has been called “Rosie the Riveter”  and that seems like such a stereotype, but during World War II, it was not just a stereotype.

The AHC and BHCA Welcome New Commissioner Elise Hampton

The BHCA and AHC are greatly committed to education, which is why we are excited to welcome Elise Hampton as a  new  member  of  the  Black  History  Commission  of Arkansas.  Ms. Hampton was born and raised in Conway, Arkansas.   She received her Bachelor of Science in Education from the  University  of Central Arkansas focusing on middle level education.

From the Director

In June 2014, the Arkansas History Commission and the Black History Commission met jointly to discuss long-term planning for the state archives.  The result of those discussions is a ten-year strategic plan adopted at the last quarterly meeting of the AHC on March 10.  The plan provides seven goals the agency will accomplish by 2025, and identifies numerous activities that agency staff will undertake as we work to achieve those goals. Goals identified in the plan include: improving and promoting public access to agency collections and expanding our holdings; strengthening the agency’s technology infrastructure and expanding digital initiatives; strengthening the role of the state archives in preserving state records; providing support for the preservation of local government records; cultivating outreach opportunities; providing appropriate staffing for our three facilities; and addressing our growing facility needs.

News from SARA

Lillian Florence “Lillie” Middlebrooks made  her  own  mark  on  Arkansas women’s history.  Lillie was born April 28, 1887, to George D. and Mary Tyson Middlebrooks  who  were  married  in 1882 in Nevada County.  The family was living in Parker Township, Nevada County at the time of the 1900 census, but by 1910 they had moved to Hope in  Hempstead  County  where  Mr. Middlebrooks’ occupation was listed as commercial traveler.