Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Arkansas Female College records, SMC.1.4

The Arkansas Female College was founded in 1872 by Myra C. Warner as an institute of higher education for young women. Mrs. Warner acted as principal and teacher at the college for many years. The college was housed in the Albert Pike Mansion in Little Rock, until 1889, when it moved to a smaller site.

Mrs. Warner's daughter, Julia McAlmont Warner, born in 1860, began teaching at the school at age seventeen. She was fluent in German, French, Spanish, Latin, and Italian. Julia was a member of the Aesthetic Club for thirty-one years and co-founder of the Mayflower Society and Alliance Francaise. She was also a charter member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and a member of the Colonial Dames. She died December 30, 1927.

This collection contains catalogs, commencement notices, and miscellaneous items pertaining to Arkansas Female College. Also included are news clippings on Julia McAlmont Warner.

  • Catalogs (Reel MG00201)
    • 1875-1876
    • 1879-1880
    • 1880-1881
    • 1887-1888
    • 1895-1896
  • Commencement notices and invitations
    • 1879
    • 1881
    • 1889
    • 1890
  • Miscellaneous
    • 1875 June 15: Program, Arkansas Female College concert
    • 1876 June 7: Invitation to Art Levee
    • 1886 December 16: Invitation to library reception, compliments of the faculty
    • 1887 March: "The A.F.C. Aedes Librorum," Little Rock, Arkansas
    • 1886 July 8: An address to the people of Arkansas, by the directors of Arkansas Female College
    • Undated: Diploma, Arkansas Female College
    • Undated: Examination on Latin grammar
  • Julia McAlmont Warner newsclippings
    • 1912 July 3: "Ex-Pupils of Mrs. Myra Warner to Do Honor to Pioneer Educator Today," Arkansas Gazette
    • 1921 July 4: "Mrs. Myra Warner Dies at Home Here," Arkansas Gazette
    • 1921 May 16: "Mrs. Myra Warner is Shown Honor," Arkansas Gazette
    • 1921: "A Teacher of Youth"
    • 1927 December 30: "Miss Julia Warner dies at her Home"
    • 1928 January 3: "In Memorium: Julia McAlmont Warner" by Mary P. Fletcher
    • 1928 April 26: "In Memory of Julia McAlmont Warner" by Mrs. Charles L. Gordy, Mrs. William W. Mitchell, Mrs. J.S. Eggleston
    • 1942 February 15: "Students and Faculty Members with Graduating Class of Arkansas Female College in 1889," Arkansas Gazette
    • 1948 July 5: "Fifty Years Ago," Arkansas Gazette
    • Undated: "Julia McAlmont Warner"
    • Undated: "Glimpses of Yesterday," Arkansas Gazette
  • Warner Literary Club
    • 1894-1895: "Research," Warner Literary Club, Little Rock, Arkansas
    • 1896-1897: Warner Literary Club, Little Rock, Arkansas
    • 1897-1898: Calendar, Warner Literary Club, Little Rock, Arkansas