Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday Wonderful Collection - Algernon Sidney Holderness papers, MS.000085

Algernon Sidney Holderness was born in Caswell County, North Carolina, in 1834. He studied medicine and surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, and during the Civil War served in the Confederate Army, reaching the rank of lieutenant in Company B, Monroe's Regiment, Cabell's Brigade, First Arkansas Cavalry. He was honorably discharged on May 27, 1865. The husband of Catherine B. Dixon and father of nine children, A.S. Holderness died in Fordyce on April 28, 1904.

This collection contains orders, muster rolls, correspondence, invoices, and receipts illustrating activities of a Confederate unit operating in southern Arkansas during the latter years of the Civil War.

  • 1. 1861 November 16: State of Arkansas War Bond Number 77536, twenty dollars, G.W. Glenn
  • 2. 1863 February 17: County tax and county war tax receipts, T.B. Holderness and G.W. Holderness, Drew County, 1862
  • 3. 1863 March 3: Transfer of James R. Read and A.A. Anderson to service in Little Rock as shoemakers, Quartermaster's Department (Richmond, Virginia)
  • 4. 1863 July 20: Special Orders Number 90, Department of the Trans-Mississippi, Shreveport, Louisiana, transferring Private I.B. Lester of Company B, Monroe's Regiment, Arkansas Volunteers, to the general hospital in New Iberia
  • 5. 1863 September 15: Physician's certificate of disability, R.A. Spears, Company B, Monroe's Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry, by C.B. Landers, M.D.
  • 6. [1863]: Muster roll fragment, unidentified unit of men enlisted in southern Arkansas
  • 7. [1864] March 14: Descriptive list and account, pay and clothing due Private Willis M. Jones, Company C, Fifth Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry
  • 8. 1864 March 20: Special Orders Number 80 (Headquarters, District of Arkansas), granting A.S. Holderness a twenty-five day disability leave of absence from Company B, Monroe's Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry
  • 9. 1864 June 9: Letter fragment, [A.S. Holderness], Trans-Mississippi Department, from brother, Selma, Alabama
  • 10. 1864 July: Muster roll fragment, Company B, First Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry
  • 11. 1864 July 8: Application, J.R. Barnett, Gravel Ridge, to Enrolling Officer, Bradley County, for medical detail in Bradley County area
  • 12. 1864 July 26: Special Orders Number 185, Headquarters of the Trans-Mississippi Department, Shreveport, Louisiana, detailing Private I.B. Lester, Company B, Monroe's Regiment, Cabell's Brigade, to Surgeon J.D. Collins for assignment to duty
  • 13. 1864 December 8: Exchange certificates, R.C. Holderness and Mrs. M.W. Atkinson, Marshall, Texas
  • 14. 1864 [December]: Muster roll, unidentified unit of men enlisted in southern Arkansas
  • 15. 1865 January 17: Letter, Captain R.T. Banks, Camp Lee, Arkansas, Tenth Company, Third Regiment, McNair's Brigade, to Colonel E.P. Turner, stating two men serving in Company B, Monroe's Regiment, Cabell's Brigade, who belonged to one of Banks' companies, and were to be located and arrested
  • 16. 1865 January 25: Special Orders Number 9, Headquarters of Cabell's Brigade in Champagnolle, Arkansas, directing Lieutenant A.S. Holderness and ten men to proceed to Marks Mills for the purpose of collecting guns and arresting military-aged men who are absent without leave
  • 17. 1865 March 20: Special Orders, Headquarters of Monroe's Regiment, directing A.S. Holderness to take a squad to Warren to return sabres belonging to the regiment there
  • 18. 1865 March 22: Invoice of account, A.S. Holderness, to Confederate States, subsistence for men and horses
  • 19. 1865 March 27: Furlough approval, F.C. Welch, Company B, Monroe's Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry
  • 20. 1865 March 27: Furlough approval, T.J. Moseley, Company B, Monroe's Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry
  • 21. 1865 April 19: Descriptive list and account, pay and clothing, Corporal D.S. Godfrey, Company B, Monroe's Regiment
  • 22. 1865 April 20: Application for a detachment of men from Companies B and L of Monroe's Regiment, First Arkansas Cavalry, to operate in Bradley, Ashley, and Drew counties, collecting absentees
  • 23. 1865 April 27: Application of I.B. Lester, Egan Hospital, Louisiana, for an appearance before the Medical Examining Board to request transfer, confirmed by J.D. Collins, surgeon
  • 24. 1865 April 28: Letter, E.H. McDaniel to A.S. Holderness, stating I.M. Brawner, A.A. Davis, R.E. Edington, G.W. Dickinson, and Richard Singleton should be retained in Company B
  • 25. 1865 May 27: Discharge papers, A.S. Holderness, First Lieutenant, Company B, Monroe's Regiment, Cabell's Brigade
  • 26. 1865 June 30: Receipt, C.H. King to Company B, Monroe's Regiment, signed by John Crawford, for a horse
  • 27. 1866 April 19: Tax receipt issued in Camden to R.C. Holderness for "direct taxes in insurrectionary districts"
  • 28. 1866 May 2: Tax receipt issued in Pine Bluff to Holderness and Bro., for "direct taxes in insurrectionary districts"
  • 29. 1866 December 8: Indenture of apprenticeship by Agnes McLennon for Jordon McLennon, [African American] age nine, to A.S. Holderness
  • 30. 1867 July 18: Voter registration certificate, A.S. Holderness, Calhoun County
  • 31. 1867 August 15: Voter registration certificate, Thomas B. Holderness, Marion Precinct, Drew County
  • 32. 1899 January 11: 1898 Tax receipt, A.L. McKay, White County
  • 33. Undated: Recipe, "Stimulating Eye Water" for use in treating chronic eye diseases