Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Chapple family papers, SMC.3.2a

James Chapple was born January 20, 1840, to John and Harriet (Gosden) Chapple in Walton-on-Thames, England. James and his brothers William and Henry emigrated to the United States in 1855, and James settled in Little Rock, Arkansas. He served as a private in the 1st Nebraska Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. On May 29, 1864, he married Jane "Jennie" Reed, daughter of J. Harris and Frederika A. Reed. Jennie was born March 4, 1841, in Jacksonville, Arkansas, and died July 30, 1917.

James was a businessman for forty years and opened Allsopp and Chapple, a books and stationery shop in Little Rock. James also served as treasurer for Retail Grocers' Ice Company and the Mercantile Building Association and as Director of Exchange National Bank and Gazette Publishing Company. He was also a 33rd Degree Mason. He died on August 10, 1910, at Huntington, Long Island, New York, where he was visiting his son Earl.

James and Jennie had five children. Alexis H. married Carrie J.R. Simpson on October 17, 1894. Mary F. married Fred Allsopp, the editor of the Arkansas Gazette and business partner of her father. Parma E. remained unmarried. James E. married the daughter of William J. Watson, a Scottish immigrant, and Isabelle Taylor. Earl W. worked as general manager of Electric Light and Power Company in Huntington, New York.

This collection contains correspondence, deeds, marriage licenses, citizenship applications, legal documents, newsclippings,and other miscellaneous documents that relate to the Chapple family of Little Rock.

  • Correspondence (Reel MG00200)
    • 1858 August 13: S.H. Hempstead, Little Rock, Arkansas, to Fredericka A. Reed
    • 1870 October 12: "Your ever affectionate Sister," Milton, Peterborough, Northamptonshire, England, to "My ever dearest Brothers and Sisters"
    • 1876 December 6: John Chapple, Aschott Bridgewater, England, to James and Edward [Chapple]
    • 1887 March 20: Henry [Chapple], La Porte City, Iowa, to James [Chapple]
    • 1919 May 31: Mrs. James B.B. Sterling, Little Rock, Arkansas, to Mrs. James Chappple, Little Rock, Arkansas
    • 1949 January 18: Raymond E. Block, Little Rock, Arkansas, to H.M. Triber, Little Rock, Arkansas
    • 1954 May 14: Agnes M. Loewer, Little Rock, Arkansas, to Earl W. Chapple, Little Rock, Arkansas
    • Undated: John Chapple, Ashcott, England, to Emily [Chapple]
    • Undated: "Your ever affectionate Sister," Milton Hall, Peterborough, Northamptonshire, England, to "My dearest Brothers"
  • Deeds
    • 1866 April 3: George C. Watkins, Little Rock, Arkansas, to James Chapple
    • 1866 October 2: James C. Chapple, Little Rock, Arkansas, to Jennie Chapple
    • 1877 August 22: Mount Holly Cemetery to James Chapple
    • 1877 October 8: Board of Commissioners, Mount Holly Cemetery, to James Chapple
    • 1903 June 15: James and Jennie Chapple to James E. Chapple
    • 1904 December 29: Horace W. Johnson of Pulaski County, Arkansas
    • 1912 September 12: Parma E. Chapple to Board of Directors, Fourche Drainage District
    • 1914 April 6: E.L. McHaney to Parma E. Chapple
    • 1949 May 2: Mount Holly Cemetery to Parma and Rhema Chapple
  • Marriage licenses
    • 1864 June 1: James Chapple and Jane Reed
    • 1879 September 27: William J. Watson and Isabelle Taylor
    • 1894 October 17: Alexis H. Chapple and Carrie J.R. Simpson
  • Citizenship applications
    • 1860 February 25: Declaration of Intention, William Watson
    • 1886 January 22: Naturalization, William J. Watson
  • Legal documents
    • 1882 March 30: Will, Fredricka A. Reed
    • 1908 December 7: Will, Jennie Chapple
    • 1912 February 12: Decree, Chancellor J.E. Martineau to Parma E. Chapple
    • 1909 September 25: Lease, Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Company to James E. Chapple, Jr.
  • Miscellaneous
    • 1891 November 26: Death Notice, Fredericka A. Reed
    • 1892 September 7: Marriage announcement, Frederick W. Allsopp to Mary Fredericka Chapple
    • 1904 September 4-9: Invitation, Grand Commandery of Georgia, Palace Hotel, San Francisco
    • June 14: Recital invitation, pupils of Miss Elview Cocke, Woman's Club House
    • Undated: Pledge card, National Christian Temperance Union, Walter Chapple
  • Newsclippings
    • 1968 April 21: "'Gingerbread' Chapple House Apparently is Nearing End"
    • Undated: Obituary, William J. Watson
    • Undated: Obituary, Isabel Waton
    • Undated: "Mrs. B.B. Sterling Honored"