Friday, September 9, 2016

New Finding Aids from NEARA

We've uploaded a number of new NEARA finding aids to our website. You view the below finding aids on our website at:

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MFNE.0173                               Joseph C. Sharp papers
MFNE.0595                               Nonpopulation census schedules
MSNE.0001    AN2014.0003    Dabbs Store records
MSNE.0002                               Arkansas City directories
MSNE.0003    AN2011.0010    Price-Helm/Helms family papers
MSNE.0004    AN2011.0017    Lawrence County tax receipt books
MSNE.0005    AN2011.0018    Crittenden County personal property tax books
MSNE.0006    AN2011.0006    Sharp County records
MSNE.0007    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County Confederate pension records
MSNE.0008    AN2011.0008    Billie Jewel Colbert papers
MSNE.0009    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County mothers pension records
MSNE.0010    AN2011.0001    Sharp County deed and mortgage records
MSNE.0011    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County paupers records
MSNE.0012    AN2011.0012    Missouri records
MSNE.0013    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County marriage records
MSNE.0014    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County birth records
MSNE.0015    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County death records
MSNE.0016    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County naturalization records
MSNE.0017    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County executive pardons
MSNE.0018    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County bonds
MSNE.0019    AN2011.0019    Elbert R. Little papers
MSNE.0020    AN2010.0001    Ben D. Raney records
MSNE.0021    AN2010.0001    Fraternal Home Insurance Company records
MSNE.0022    AN2010.0001    Imboden Creamery and Cold Storage records
MSNE.0023    AN2010.0001    Mount Pleasant Baptist Church records
MSNE.0024    AN2010.0001    Sedgwick Arkansas records
MSNE.0025    AN2012.0002    Jonesboro Civitan Club scrapbooks
MSNE.0026    L2012.0026       Arkansas State Hospital records
MSNE.0027    AN2010.0001    Johnson Undertaking records
MSNE.0028    AN2012.0007    Greene County records
MSNE.0029    AN2012.0008    William R. Lane records
MSNE.0030    AN2012.0009    Cooper Creek Watershed Improvement District records
MSNE.0031    A2010.0057       Whiteside family Bible
MSNE.0033    AN2010.0001    Randolph County records
MSNE.0034    AN2010.0001    Smithville Motor Company records
MSNE.0035    AN2011.0003    Powhatan Historic State Park collection
MSNE.0036    AN2014.0002    Dr. M.B. Owens records
MSNE.0038    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County records
MSNE.0039    AN2011.0003    Methodist Episcopal Church records
MSNE.0041    AN2015.0002    Devoe Elbert Hedrick records
MSNE.0042    AN2011.0003    Raney family papers
MSNE.0043    AN015.0003     Charles A. Stuck papers
MSNE.0044                              Arkansas State University
MSNE.0045    AN2011.0003    Percy Townsend papers
MSNE.0046    AN2015.0006    PHSP Scrapbook
MSNE.0047    AN2011.0003    Bible study card collection
MSNE.0048    AN2011.0003    Goodwin family Bible
MSNE.0049    AN2011.0003    Imogene Sigler family Bible
MSNE.0052    AN2011.0003    Black River Baptist Association minutes
MSNE.0053    AN2010.0001    Jeffie Hibler papers
MSNE.0054    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County probate records
MSNE.0055    AN2010.0001    Daughters of the American Revolution records
MSNE.0056    A2010.0065       Craighead County School Census
MSNE.0057                               Lawrence County School Census
MSNE.0058    AN2011.0003    Godwin family Bible
MSNE.0059    AN2011.0003    W.B. Matthews Bible
MSNE.0060    AN2011.0003    Benn Family Bible
MSNE.0061    AN2014.0004    Mammoth Spring State Park collection
MSNE.0062    AN2011.0003    Sharp County records
MSNE.0063                               Phone books
MSNE.0065    AN2011.0019    Soil Conservation Service
MSNE.0067    AN2010.0001    International Genealogical Index
MSNE.0068    AN2013.0003    Northeast Arkansas Music Clubs records
MSNE.0069    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County inquests
MSNE.0071                               Inventory of the County Archives of Arkansas
MSNE.0076    AN2013.0004    Tom McDonald records
MSNE.0077    AN2010.0001    Lawrence County land records
MSNE.0078                              Warner family papers
MSNE.0079    AN2011.0003    Greeting card collection
MSNE.0080    AN2011.0003    Maxwell family papers
MSNE.0081    AN2010.0001    Pistol Permits
MSNE.0082    AN2010.0001    Tavern Permits
MSNE.0084                               Arkansas United Methodist conference journals

SMCNE.2.0001    AN2010.0001    National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century
SMCNE.2.0002    AN2013.0003    Oscar Fendler Records
SMCNE.2.0003    A2010.0060       Snyder Medical Company collection
SMCNE.2.0004    AN2013.0001    Samuel M. Hufstedler papers
SMCNE.2.0005    AN2014.0001    Perrin family papers
SMCNE.2.0006    AN2011.0007    Dennis O'Brien collection
SMCNE.2.0007    AN2010.0001    Arkansas Land Office records
SMCNE.2.0008    AN2011.0003    Confederate currency
SMCNE.2.0009    AN2011.0003    Robert J. Swindle record
SMCNE.2.0010    AN2014.0005    Black Rock Pearl Company records
SMCNE.2.0014    AN2011.0003    Sons of Temperance certificate
SMCNE.2.0015    AN2014.0006    Clifton family papers