Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Finding Aids on A.S.A. Website

We've uploaded a number of new finding aids from our collections to our website. You view the below finding aids on our website at:…/browse-archival-collections.aspx

ASA Finding Aids

"The History of Pulaski County", by George Basham, from SMC.2.2; Placed in Reynolds, John Hugh papers, MS.000165*
Arrington, Alfred W. poems, MS.000673
Scott Plantation Photograph Collection MS.000703
Hamel, Rosemary collection MS000708
Arkansas Park sand Tourism: Tourism Development records MS000721
Arkansas State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors electrical panel board directory MS000724
Friends of Josephine Pankey grant project MS000725
Shelton, John interview MS000727
Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society Conference event images MS000728
Lee, Phillips and Lawrence County aerial photographs MS000730
Dora Oswald correspondence MS000731
Life and Law in Late 19th Century Arkansas teaching kit MS000732
Cleburne County Digitized Real Estate Tax Ledgers MS.000733
Wiley Family papers MS000734
Mosaic Templars Cultural Center grant project report MS.000735
Welch, Annie Parnell Dougherty papers MS000736
Washington Heritage House grant project report MS000737
A Man and a River: a documentary film MS.000738
Silas H. Hunt Institute report: Black History Commission grant project MS.000739
Memorial Garden Cemetery (Old Mound) grant project MS000740
Alonzo Clayton Family Descendants Reception: Black History Commission grant project MS.000744
Andrews, M.L. papers, SMC.0001.0002 (SMC.1.2)*
Arkansas County sheriff's census, SMC.0001.0003 (SMC.1.3)*
Arkansas Democrat Carriers' Address, SMC.0001.0004 (SMC.1.3a)*
"The History of the Arkansas Gazette", SMC.0001.0005 (SMC.1.5)*
Arkansas Gazette Calendar, SMC.0001.0006 (SMC.1.5a)*
Arkansas Historical Society records, SMC.0001.0007 (SMC.1.6)*
"Architecture", SMC.0001.0008 (SMC.1.8)*
Alexander, Orville letter, SMC.0001.0009 (SMC.1.11)*
Anderson, J.H. letters, SMC.0001.0010 (SMC.1.12)*
Adams and Blocher records, SMC.0001.0011 (SMC.1.13)*
Baring Cross Bridge records, SMC.0001.0012 (SMC.2.1)*
Baxter, Elisha versus Sterling Tucker: Pulaski County circuit court, SMC.0001.0013 (SMC.2.3)*
Fox, Black record, SMC.0001.0016 (SMC.2.7)*
Boudinot, E.C. letter, SMC.0001.0017 (SMC 2.8a)*
State of Arkansas v. William Boyles records, SMC.0001.0018 (SMC.2.9)*
Bradford, George papers, SMC.0001.0019 (SMC.2.9a)*
Brooks-Baxter War telegrams, SMC.0001.0020 (SMC 2.11)*
Brown, George R. collection, SMC.0001.0021 (SMC 2.12)*
Bryant, Jerrus Madison papers, SMC.0001.0022 (SMC 2.13a)*
Buchanan, John papers, SMC.0001.0023 (SMC 2.13b)*
Carpenter, J.T. school report, SMC.0001.0024 (SMC 3.1a)*
Clark County sheriff's census, SMC.0001.0026 (SMC 3.2)*
Chicot County sheriff's census, SMC.0001.0027 (SMC 3.3)*
Clendennin, John diary, SMC.0001.0028 (SMC 3.4)*
Colby, Eli letter, SMC.0002.0001 (SMC 3.5)*
1836 Constitutional Convention vouchers, SMC.0002.0002 (SMC 3.5)*
Conway County sheriff's census, SMC.0002.0003 (SMC 3.7)*
Cordell, Samuel A. papers, SMC.0002.0004 (SMC 3.9)*
Costar, Phil letter, SMC.0002.0005 (SMC 3.9a)*
Cravens, Ben and Fadjo papers, SMC.0002.0006 (SMC 3.10)*
Bradford Family photograph and funeral notice, SMC.0170.0001
Ragsdale, Robert papers, SMC.0170.0002
Wilson, Henry Pulaski County (Ark.) Chancery Court summons SMC.0170.0003
Early Arkansas Doctors Biographical Information, SMC.0170.0004
McCormack, Arthur Thomas letter, SMC.170.0006
Arkansas Advocates for Nursing Home Residents pamphlet, SMC.0170.0007
"Arkansas" by Conservative Loan Company, SMC.0170.0008
Garrison, Charles Willis letter, SMC.0170.0009
Smackover Oil Workers papers, SMC.0170.0010