Friday, October 28, 2016

October 2016 Acquisitions and Accessions

ASA Acquisitions

The Faubus Years:  January 11, 1955 to January 10, 1967

The Unforgettable:  People and Events of Cleburne County, Arkansas, by Chastine E. Shumway

Buck Hollow Ranch:  The History, by Thomas R. and Ronda K. Baker

Marketing Warfare, by Al Ries and Jack Trout

Beyond the National Parks: A Recreation Guide to Public Lands in the West, USDI, BLM

A Tiny Bit of Americana, by Trusten Holder

John Philpot, Storyteller: True Stories in the Life of a Humorist, by John L. Philpot

Battlefield:  Farming a Civil War Battleground, by Peter Stevenson

History of Jacksonport State Park: 1961-1981

Diamonds Are Waiting For You:  Crater of Diamonds, Were Dreams Can and Do Come True, by James. R. Holland

Hiking Trails in the Southern Mountains, by Jerry Sullivan and Glenda Daniel

Arkansas: An Explorer’s Guide, by Jana Wood

The First Heroes:  The Extraordinary Story of the Doolittle Raid-America’s First World War II Victory, by Craig Nelson

The Chicken That Won a Dogfight:  The Humor and Hope of an Arkansas Boyhood, Ben Burton, Autographed and inscribed by Ben Burton

Southern Legislative Dictionary, by Richard Allin and George Fisher

Random Pages from an Ozarks Journal: Come Walk With Me Through the Seasons and the Memories of Happenings in These Hills, by Jim Reed

The Fayetteville Angels, or Why Baseball is Our National Pastime: Being a History of the Arkansas-Missouri League, by W.J. Lemke

Along the Buffalo:  A Collection of Buffalo River Poetry, by Will La Page

Mountain Memories: The History of Rich Mountain, by Bradley H. Holleman

Down-Home Talk: An Outrageous Dictionary of Colorful Country Expressions, by Diann Sutherlin Smith

With Fire and Sword:  The Battle of Kings Mountain, 1780, by Wilma Dykeman

Historic Washington, Arkansas, by Steven Brooke

The Grand Prairie of Arkansas, Past, Present, Future

The Old State House:  Some Questions and Answers by John L. Ferguson

Histories of the Southeastern State Park Systems, Golden Anniversary Commemorative Edition, 1942-1992, Association of Southeastern State Park Directors

A Guide to Our Federal Lands, National Geographic Society (2 Copies)

The Hawken Rifle:  Its Place in History, by Charles E. Hanson, Jr.

The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, by James T. Tanner

Creativity in the Natural State:  Ducks, Documentaries, Design:  Tales from Arkansas’ Creative Economy

Advanced Elk Anatomy and Shot Placement Guide:  Hunter Responsibility Series NBEF

Arkansas Outdoors:  Recreation in the Natural State, by Ranny Cullom and Charmayne Cullom, 1983

Driver’s Guide to the Butterfield Overland Mail Route, Vol. One, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma, by Kirby Sanders

Arkansas Senior Citizens’ Handbook:  A Legal Guide

Indian Folklore Atlas:  Of Hot Springs National Park, by Marcus Phillips and Sandra Long

Arkansas Library Association Newsletter, February 1989 – November 1989

Arkansas Library Association Newsletter, February 1990 – August 1990

Arkansas Library Association Membership Directory, 1982/83

Arkansas Libraries, Vol. 41 March 1984 no. 1 – Vol. 43 Dec. 1986, no. 4

Arkansas Libraries, Vol. 44 Sept. 1987 no. 1 – Vol. 45 June 1988, no. 2

A History of Public Health in Arkansas:  The Pain In Prevention, by Sarah Hudson Scholle

Treasures of the Heart

Inventory and Archiving Records and Photographs of the Arkansas Archeological Survey

The Flags of the Confederacy, by Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr.

The Interpreter’s Guidebook:  Techniques for Programs and Presentations, by Kathleen Regnier, Michael Gross and Ron Zimmerman

The Natural State Arkansas

Salty Old Editor:  An Adventure in Ink, Charlotte Tillar Schexnayder

The Preacher’s Tale:  Civil War Journal of Rev. Francis Springer, Chaplain, U.S. Army of the Frontier, edited by William Furry

A Nude Singularity Lily Peter of Arkansas, by AnnieLaura M. Jaggers

Historical Report of the Secretary of State, 1986

Historical Report of the Secretary of State, 1968

Recording Oral History:  A Practical Guide for Social Science, by Valerie Raleigh Yow

Oral History:  An Interdiscipinary Anthology, edited by David K. Dunaway and Willa K. Baum

Town and Country:  Race Relations in an Urban-Rural Context, Arkansas, 1865-1905, by John William Graves

The Forgotten Expedition, 1804-1805:  Let Louisiana Purchase Journals of Dunbar and Hunter, edited by Trey Berry, Pam Beasley and Jeanne Clements

The Caddo Nation:  Archaeological and Ethnohistoric Perspectives, by Timothy K. Perttula

French America, by Ron Katz and Arielle de La Tour d’Auvergne

Ozark Elders: A Photo-Documentary, by Leslie Parr Sutton

Arkansas, by Matt Bradley

John Lee Webb:  The Man and His Legacy, Cheryl L. Batts, Janis F. Kearney, Patricia W. McGraw, Ph.D.

Presenting Archaeology to the Public:  Digging for Truths, edited by John H. Jameson, Jr.

Origins of the New South, 1877-1913, by C. Van Woodward

The South in the New Nation, 1789 – 1819, by Thomas P. Abernethy

The De Soto Chronicles:  The Expedition of Hernando de Soto to North America in 1539-1543, Vol. I, edited by Lawrence A. Clayton, Vernon James Knight, Jr. and Edward C. Moore

The De Soto Chronicles:  The Expedition of Hernando de Soto to North America in 1539-1543, Vol. II, edited by Lawrence A. Clayton, Vernon James Knight, Jr. and Edward C. Moore

Indians, Settlers, and Slaves in a Frontier Exchange Economy:  The Lower Mississippi Valley Before 1783, by Daniel H. Usner, Jr.

Past into Present, by Stacy F. Roth

In Pursuit of Reason:  The Life of Thomas Jefferson, by Noble E. Cunningham, Jr.

Travels on the Lower Mississippi, 1879 – 1880, edited by Frederic Trautmann

Undaunted Courage:  Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson and the Opening of the American West, by Stephen E. Ambrose

Arkansas Football ’79:  Continuing a Tradition

Contributions to Arkansas Medical History, Part 1

Contributions to Arkansas Medical History, Part 2

Interpretation of Historic Sites, by William T. Alderson and Shirley Payne Low

A Family Venture:  Men and Women on the Southern Frontier, by Joan E. Casbin

Turning Point:  The Clinton-Gore Campaign of 1992, Essays

A Handbook for Legislative Drafters (Arkansas Edition), by M.E. Mullins

Arkansas Biography:  A Collection of Notable Lives

Cupenos Trail of Tears:  May 12, 1903

Telling Your Arkansas Stories, by Donald Davis

Sharecropper’s Son (Down In Arkansas), by Earnest L. Best

Didn’t All the Indians Come Here?:  Separating Fact From Fiction at Hot Springs National Park, by Mark Blaeuer

Parnell-Tucker Feud

Index to Goodspeed’s 1889 History of Benton County, Arkansas

The Louisiana Purchase, by Carl J. Richard

That’s the Way I Heard It:  Some Folk Narratives and Other Folklore from Big Flat, Arkansas

Transcribing and Editing Oral History, by Willa K. Baum

Mississippi Archaeology, Vol. 21 no. 2, December 1986

Arkansas Authors:  Maya Angelou

Arkansas Authors:  Dee Brown

Arkansas Authors:  Glaud Garner

Arkansas Authors:  Francis Irby Gwaltney

Arkansas Authors:  Charles Portis

Arkansas Authors:  Charlie May Simon

A Mother’s Scrapbook:  Four Seasons of Life in Arkansas, by Beatrice Greenwood Johnston

Esau’s Fables, by Esau McCluskey

The New Genesis, by Neville Saylor

Authentic Ozarks Stories about Hunting and Trapping Possums – Skunks Mink – Bobcats, by Roy Edwin Thomas

Authentic Ozarks Stories about Coon-Huntin’, by Roy Edwin Thomas

Authentic Ozarks Stories about Fox-Hunting and Fox Dogs, by Roy Edwin Thomas

Authentic Ozarks Stories about Bee-Hunting and Stingin’ Insects, by Roy Edwin Thomas

Authentic Ozarks Stories about Big Varmits:  Bears, Wolves, Panthers, by Roy Edwin Thomas

Authentic Ozarks Stories about Bird Hunting and Trappin:  Quail – Ducks – Turkeys, Geese – Passenger Pigeons, by Roy Edwin Thomas

Guidebook to Pleasure Boating on the Arkansas River, 1971

Arkansas Deer: A Manager’s Guide for Private Lands

Arkansas Watchable Wildlife Guide

The Complete Guide to America’s National Parks

The Buffalo National River Canoeing Guide, 1995

Arkansas Hiker’s Guide to State and Federal Trails

So, You Want to Build a Park?: A Guidebook for Local Communities

Adventure in Arkansas (2 copies)

1972 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1973 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1974 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1975 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1976 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1977 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1978 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1979 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1980 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1983 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1984 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1985 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1987 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1988 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook (2 copies)

1989 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1990 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1992 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1997 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1999 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

2000 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

2001 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

2003 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

2004 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

2005 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

2006 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook   

2008 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

2009 Caduceus, UAMS Yearbook

1981 Arkansas:  Tour Guide

1982 Arkansas:  Tour Guide

1983 Arkansas:  Tour Guide

1984 Arkansas:  Tour Guide

1985 Arkansas:  Tour Guide

1986 Arkansas:  Tour Guide

1992 Arkansas:  Tour Guide

NEARA Acquisitions

Genealogy Society of Craighead County newsletters September 2016 and October 2016

Old Bethel Cemetery Association newsletter October 2016

Forty Years Missionary in Arkansas, by Father E.J. Weibel

Parish on the Ridge: A History of Blessed Sacrament Parish, by Sister Henrietta Hockle, OSB

On High Ground: A History of the Olivetan Benedictine Sisters, Jonesboro, Arkansas, by Sister Henrietta Hockle, OSB

How Jonesboro Got Its Name, by Sister Henrietta Hockel, OSB

A Century of Serving: A Centennial History of St. Bernard’s Regional Medical Center, by Sister Henrietta Hockle, OSB

SARA Acquisitions

1929 Bobcat, Hope High School

Dr. John Stuart in Scotland 1660-1684, by David M. Stuart

ASA Accessions

Korean National Museum Modern Artifacts, 8 items

Arkansas Food Hall of Fame Apron, 1 item

Arkansas History Commission Shirt Collection, 1 item

SARA Accessions

Monroe Family of Washington, Arkansas Photographs, 8 images

Foster City Army Retirement, 0.01 cu ft.

Galester Family Collection, 0.06 cu ft