Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - Baring Cross Baptist Church records, SMC.2.1a

On October 20, 1903, Baring Cross Baptist Church was established as a small congregation of 29 members dedicated to ministering to the railroad families in the area of the Baring Cross Bridge. The church grew and celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with 2,576 members in 1953. After several new buildings and additions, an elevator fire escape was built in the 1950s to ensure the safety of its members. In the 1970s, the church caught fire due to children playing with matches and suffered a total loss. The church recovered and built a new church building. As the church continued to grow, the membership voted to move the building to a new area. Seventeen acres of property was bought, and a new church building was constructed on its present-day site in Sherwood, Arkansas.
This collection contains blueprints and instructions on the addition of a fire escape elevator to Baring Cross Baptist Church.

·         1954 May 5: Blueprint of Interlock Plan Number 2, Inclinator Company of America, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Reel MG00200)
·         1962 January 9: Two Landing Auto Wiring Diagram, Inclinator Company of America, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
·         1962 August 31: Straight bill of lading, Yankee Lines, Incorporated, of Akron, Ohio to Hartenstein Elevator Company, c/o Baring Cross Baptist Church, North Little Rock, Arkansas
·         1962 September 6: Receipt of shipment, Inclinator Company of America, to Baring Cross Baptist Church
·         1962: Instructions for elevette installation
·         1962: Suggestions for operating the elevette
·         Undated: Blueprint of "Elevette" machine mounting, Inclinator Company of America, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania