Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - John N. Jabine and Harriet Woodruff papers, MS.000383

John Nicholas Jabine was born June 23, 1829, the son of Charles and Eliza Reel Jabine of Louisville, Kentucky. He operated a drug store in Louisville and met Harriet M. Woodruff, who was visiting the town. Harriet was born January 31, 1836, in Little Rock, Arkansas, the daughter of Arkansas Gazette founder William E. Woodruff and Jane Mills Woodruff. John and Harriet were married November 13, 1855, at her family home in Little Rock. They lived in Louisville for a short time before moving to Little Rock, where Woodruff built them a home at 910 East Eighth Street. They had seven children, two daughters and five sons: Harriet Sneed Jabine (Mrs. Claude) Sayle, Lila Jabine (Mrs. H.C.) Rather, C.W. Jabine, Tom Jabine, Shelby Jabine, Lucian Jabine, and Daniel Jabine. John Jabine operated a ferry business between Little Rock and Argenta, Arkansas. Harriet was active in clubs including the Aesthetic Club, the Pulaski County Association of Arkansas Pioneers, and the Daughters of the American Revolution. John N. Jabine died May 14, 1911, and Harriet M. Woodruff Jabine died January 17, 1918.
C.W. (Charles Woodruff) Jabine was born in 1857, the oldest son of John and Harriett Jabine. As a young man he worked at his grandfather's printing press, then ran his own mercantile business. He died March 8, 1942.
This collection contains letters of John Nicholas Jabine and Harriet Woodruff Jabine, and C.W. (Charles Woodruff) Jabine's business ledgers.
·         Letters to Harriet Woodruff Jabine
o    1. 1856 (Box 1)
o    2. 1864, 1866
o    3. 1894, 1895
o    4. 1897 April-October
o    5. 1897 November-December
o    6. 1898
o    7. 1899-1900
o    8. undated
·         Letters to John N. Jabine
o    9. 1858
o    10. 1859
o    11. 1861
o    12. 1863-1864
o    13. 1865-1866
o    14. 1867
o    15. 1869
o    16. 1870-1871
o    17. 1872
o    18. 1874
o    19. 1876
o    20. 1887-1889, undated
·         Miscellaneous
o    21. Statements regarding Charles Jabine's estate, 1855-1860
o    22. Service discharge, Eugene Jabine, 1862
o    23. Promissory note, 1860s
o    24. Newspaper clipping, 1897
·         C.W. (Charles Woodruff) Jabine mercantile ledgers
o    Business names, merchandise, and method of payment, 1892-1901 (Box 2)
o    Cash paid out, 1897-1902 (Box 3)
o    Names and merchandise, 1900-1902

o    Merchandise, 1901-1902 (Box 4)