Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wednesday's Wonderful Collection - John Donelson, Jr. survey notes, SMC.0003.0024

John Donelson, Jr., was the son of John Donelson and Rachel Stockley. Donelson's father was one of the first settlers of middle Tennessee and was the fifth signer of the Cumberland Compact, a document that provided for a representative government for the settlers of the area. John Donelson, Jr., was a surveyor like his father and helped survey the land in and close to Indian Territory. His survey of the "Cherokee Line" that ran from Southwest Missouri to Fort Smith took place from September 19, 1831, to January 18, 1832.
This collection contains the field notes recorded by John Donelson, Jr., as he surveyed land that ran from southwest Missouri to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

·         1831 August 18: "Field notes of a traverse line from the SW corner of Missouri to Fort Smith"