Thursday, January 31, 2019

From History to Art

Art: "Red Balloon" by Paul Klee via Guggenheim

The below blog is a reprint with permission from the Arkansas Arts Council and is a reminder why learning history is important. Read the complete blog at Find a list of history-related events at the Department of Arkansas Heritage or check out our services and programs at

ARKANSAS ARTS -- It turns out, understanding history is vital for becoming an influential artist. Maybe you’re not a history buff, but there are plenty of reasons to delve into history.

1.       Knowing history helps artists understand people and societies. With that knowledge, artists understand how we, as a society, developed the way we did. Artists can then find new and expressive ways to challenge or support societal thoughts and values. Basically, knowing history helps artists communicate.
2.       History helps artists learn to tell their own stories. Artists are more than creative creatures. Artists must be able to tell their own stories as part of marketing their work and growing their successes. History, such as family or ethnic histories, also puts artists in contact with their family roots, which connects artists with their identities and leads to unique expressions.

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