Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - William Eustace Beaumont papers, SMC.0171.0007

This collection contains William Beaumont’s World War I diary and typed transcript from December 8, 1917 to March 1919, covering a time span from when Beaumont left for basic training through the 247th Aero Squadron's demobilization. It also holds newspaper clippings, Beaumont genealogical information, correspondence, as well as photographs of William and Mary Beaumont.
William Eustace Beaumont was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on November 22, 1894, to Luther and Sophie Beaumont. He married Mary Elizabeth Hocott of Woodruff County, Arkansas, the daughter of Barbara and Joseph Hocott, on September 23, 1920. William was in the Army Air Corps in the 247th Aero Squadron during World War I. During his military career, he was stationed in England and France. William and Mary Beaumont graduated from the University of Arkansas School of Law at the same time and both were admitted to practice law together. The Beaumonts became known as the first married couple to be admitted to the bar by the Arkansas Supreme Court at the same time.
Donated by Karoline Anne Beaumont-Rook in 2016.
Beaumont, William Eustace papers, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.
·         Folder 1
o    William Beaumont Diary
o    William Beaumont diary transcription
·         Folder 2
o    Beaumont genealogy
o    Correspondence
§  1928 September 6: To William Beaumont from R.C. Irvine, Vice President of Bankers Trust Co.
§  2016 June 9: Group email from Bob Boatright
o    1968 June: In Memoriam Members of the Arkansas Bar
o    Newspaper clippings
§  William E. Beaumont: Local Banker to Join Building and Loan Co.
§  1956 October 15: William E. Beaumont obituary
§  1967 May 11: Mary Beaumont obituary
o    Photocopies
§  American Bankers Association certificate, William Beaumont
§  House of Representatives 5th district certificate, William Beaumont
o    Photographs
§  PH.Beaumont.01: United States Army Corporal William Eustace Beaumont in military uniform. Black and white. 1918.

§  PH.Beaumont.02: Mary Beaumont (young woman in the middle of the photograph) eight grade graduation. Sepia tone. Circa 1912-1914.