Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - Dubisson Funeral Home records, MG.00052

Dubisson Funeral Home was established in 1915 in Little Rock, Arkansas, as Dubisson and Goodrich, an African American business. The company’s founders were Daniel Joy Dubisson and Fred J. Goodrich. After a fire destroyed the original building on Louisiana Street (between Fourth and Fifth streets), the business relocated several times, including a move to West Ninth Street (once Little Rock’s black business district). After Goodrich died in 1924 the business became Dubisson and Company.
Daniel Dubisson, born September 28, 1872, in Franklin, Tennessee, married Clara Brown (December 15, 1875-November 13, 1929), and they had one child, Geraldine. After the death of his first wife he married Lula Sue Bryant (April 22, 1876-February 2, 1950) of Forrest City.
The business incorporated in 1932, and expanded to include Dubisson Burial Association. Daniel Dubisson died on July 10, 1952, and his funeral was held at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Little Rock. At that time, his daughter, Geraldine Dubisson Lee, became president. In the spring of 1986, Dubisson Funeral Home was acquired by the Miller Company of Monroe, Louisiana, with Joseph H. Miller as owner. In 1987 his son, Darryl Miller, became president of Dubisson. The funeral home is still in operation at 1851 Marshall Street.
In 2002, the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society published “Dubisson Funeral Home, Little Rock, Arkansas Death Record Index” in three volumes, as a part of its Final Emancipation Cemetery and Funeral Home Project, funded in part by the Arkansas Humanities Council.
The collection contains the records of Dubisson Funeral Home, 1925-1985.
·         1. 1925–1928 September (Reel MG00052)
·         2. 1928 September–1930 September (Reel MG00053)
·         3. 1930 October–1932 (Reel MG00054)
·         4. 1933–1935 December (Reel MG00055)
·         5. 1935 December–1938 March (Reel MG00056)
·         6. 1938 April–1942 May (Reel MG00057)
·         7. 1942 June–1945 April (Reel MG00058)
·         8. 1945 May–1950 August (Reel MG00059)
·         9. 1950 August–1954 June (Reel MG00060)
·         10. 1954 July–1956 (Reel MG00061)
·         11. 1957–1959 (Reel MG00062)
·         12. 1960–1963 May (Reel MG00063)
·         13. 1963 June–1966 May (Reel MG00064)
·         14. 1966 June–1968 (Reel MG00065)
·         15. 1969-1972 (Reel MG00066)
·         16. 1972-1977 (Reel MG00067)

·         17. 1978-1985 (Reel MG00068)