Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - Powhatan Historic State Park collection, MSNE.0035

Powhatan Historic State Park opened in 1974 after a renovation of the historic courthouse. Powhatan served as the county seat for Lawrence County from 1869 to 1963 when the seat was consolidated and relocated to Walnut Ridge. The courthouse officially closed its doors in 1966.
The Lawrence County Historical Society began taking care of the records left behind in the courthouse vault. After the park opened in 1974, the historical society shared the space in the courthouse with park staff and served as an informal archives. During the ensuing 30 years, papers and items of varying regional significance were donated to the historical society and park. This collection contains a portion of the matter donated to the park/historical society. Most items were either owned by someone who lived in the immediate area or are directly relevant to the region.
Included are personal letters, Lawrence County court documents, local business records, newspapers, maps, photographs, school records, family papers and more spanning the time period of 1836-1999.
·         Lawrence County court records
o    Bounties (Box 1)
o    Circuit Court
o    County Treasurer deposit receipts
o    Grand Jury findings
o    Justice of the peace records
o    Legal publications
o    Mother's pensions
o    Paupers
o    Petition for Prohibition
o    Summons, bonds & affidavits
o    Tax records
o    1836: Seat of Justice petition
o    1846: Petition of C.C. Roger for license to practice law
o    1858: Thomas R. Norman will
o    1860: B.P. Hogan certified to practice law in Lawrence County
o    1868: P.C. Stuart certified to practice law in Lawrence County
o    1889: Warranty deed
o    1898: marriage of J.D. Flippo to Francis Bailey
o    1900: Tax sale of delinquent lands
o    1903: Willett & Willett Distiller’s Notice
o    1920: Eaton Township petition
o    1920: Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium bill
o    1920s: Lawrence County Highway Warrant No.830
o    1932: Powhatan Courthouse insurance
o    1938: Royal Typewriter bill to Lawrence County Circuit Clerk
o    Petit Jurors
§  1912: Petit Jurors
§  1913: Petit Jurors
§  1914: Petit Jurors
§  1916: Petit Jurors
§  1917: Petit Jurors
§  1918: Petit Jurors
§  1919: Petit Jurors
§  1920: Petit Jurors
o    Qualified Electors
§  1931
§  1935
§  1936
§  1937 (Box 2)
§  1960-1961
§  1963-1964
·         Lawrence County records
o    Arkansas Motor Vehicle Registration cards
o    Book of the Month Club
o    Childers correspondence
o    Courtney agricultural records
o    Louise Smith Parrish records
o    Personal letters
o    Poll tax receipts
o    Powhatan Bridge coupon book
o    S. P. & A. Grade Curve by Valton Hinds
o    Tradecards and Advertisements
o    United States Department of Agriculture publications
o    W.H. Weir records
o    Wedding Invitations
o    1894: shipping receipt
o    1918: Paul Starling notice of classification
o    1921: articles of incorporation for Old River Oil and Gas
o    1972: Senator Tom B. Logan memorial Resolution No. 52
o    White House Cook Book
§  Handwritten recipes
§  Newsclippings
§  White House cook book (Volume 1)
·         Newspapers
o    1884: Randolph Herald
o    1899: Eye Opener, Ravenden Springs
o    1935 May 7: State College
o    1951 Oct 14: Sunday Times, London, England
o    1960 Sept 6: Batesville Guard
o    1980: Pocahontas Herald
o    1986: Arkansas Gazette “150 Years of Statehood”
o    1999 Sept 9: Ozark Journal, Imboden
o    Times Dispatch
§  1969 Feb 20: Times Dispatch, Walnut Ridge
§  2012 July 11: Times Dispatch, Walnut
§  Times Dispatch clippings
·         P.P. Sullivan
o    1885: Ledger and scrapbook (Box 3)
o    Undated Bible
·         McKenney family papers
o    Perfect Attendance awards (Box 4)
o    Greetings cards
o    1890: Bible presented to Rev. George W. McKenney by the Society of Christian Endeavor of the Second Presbyterian Church
o    Bible presented to Jennie McKenney By Lee
·         Ledgers
o    1881-1903: Register of Surgeons and Physicians of Lawrence County (Box 5)
o    1869: Clover Bend store cash book
o    1892-1927: Expense ledger
o    1909-1910: Lawrence County fee book
o    Medical practice ledger
·         Greeting cards
o    Greeting cards (Box 6)
o    Greeting cards
o    Greeting cards
o    Greeting cards
o    Greeting cards
·         Lawrence County school records
o    Teacher retirement cards (Box 7)
o    Teacher retirement system letters
o    School Director oaths of office (indexed)
o    School Director oaths of office (loose) (Box 8)
o    Certificate of Election of School Director
o    School enumeration
o    School District Issue votes
o    District revisions
o    School district petitions
o    Petitions to transfer children
o    School district warrants (Box 9)
o    District school fund receipts
o    1945-1946: Teacher retirement report
o    Payroll sheets
o    Records and Proceedings
o    Student records
o    Teacher's contracts
o    Teacher's licenses
o    Resignation and appointment of school directors
o    Apportionment
o    School financials
o    School tax certificates
·         Oversized
o    Certificates
§  1839: Non-resident land tax (Box 10)
§  1853: William McCall land grant (Box 10)
§  1856: Thomas Lawson land grant
§  1860: Thomas Lawson land grant
§  1907: Joe Coffman Free Mason certificate
§  Lee McKenney certificates
§  W.E. McLeod records and certificates
o    Pictures
§  1907: Township blueprint (Box 11)
§  Black River swinging bridge
§  Early 20th Century framed postcards
§  Lawrence County maps
§  Right of way map for Highway 25
§  World War I postcards
o    Framed Pictures
§  Powhatan Courthouse drawing (Box 12)
§  Hudson Motor Car Company
o    Maps & Pictures
§  1945: Stars & Stripes (Box 13)
§  "In the Bag" duck drawing
§  "Flushed" duck drawing
§  Coffey land records
§  Township map ledger
§  1911: Map of Arkansas