Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - John Caldwell Brickey papers, SMC.0170.0014

John Caldwell Brickey was born on February 9, 1799, in Davidson County, Tennessee, to John and Jemimah Caldwell Brickey. On February 24, 1822, he married Catharine Murrah, the daughter of Bernard and Agnes Murrah, in Washington County, Missouri. Brickey ventured into several career fields in Missouri, including serving as the Washington County Circuit Clerk from 1821 – 1842, practicing law, mining lead ore, partnering in a general store, and founding the Brickey’s Landing. In 1844, he moved to Independence County, Arkansas, and joined the White River Baptist Association, serving as the organization’s secretary from 1850 – 1856. In 1866, Brickey was elected to the Arkansas Legislature. He died on August 13, 1877, in Independence County. This collection contains the autobiography of John C. Brickey, the White River Baptist convention minutes covering 1850 – 1856, and a Brickey family genealogical pedigree chart.
Donated by Sheri Lynn Tucker Griffin, Peyton, Colorado, 2008.
·         Autobiography of John C. Brickey, 1799-1866 and the minutes of the White River Baptist convention, 1850-1856
·         Transcription of autobiography

·         Brickey family genealogical pedigree chart