Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - Secretary of State: Elections Division Records, MS.000749

Records consist of reports required by the Arkansas Secretary of State for campaign contributions, expenditures, and carryover funds of state and district candidates for 2002 - 2006.
Secretary of State-Elections Division records, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas
Transferred by Secretary of State-Elections Division, Little Rock, Arkansas, 2016.
·         2002 Campaign contribution and expenditure reports
o    A-Beebe (Box 1)
o    Bell-Bryce (Box 2)
o    Boyd-Catt (Box 3)
o    Cazort-Duncan (Box 4)
o    Evans-Fulmer (Box 5)
o    Gardner-Grinder (Box 6)
o    Haak-Higginbotham (Box 7)
o    Hill-Jeffress (Box 8)
o    Jeffress-Karch (Box 10)
o    Lambert-Malone (Box 44)
o    Mason-McGawon (Box 45)
o    McMahan-Phillips (Box 11)
o    Piazza-Rosenbaum (Box 12)
o    Rosson-Sims (Box 13)
o    Smith-Taylor (Box 14)
o    J.Taylor-Whiteaker (Box 15)
o    Wilcox-Zimmerman (Box 16)
o    Jimmie Lou Fisher (Box 9)
o    Fisher-Huckabee (Box 17)
·         2004 Campaign contribution and expenditure reports
o    A-B (Box 18)
o    Beebe reports (Box 19)
o    B-C (Box 46)
o    D-F (Box 20)
o    G-H (Box 21)

o    J-K (Box 22)